Adopt A Park

Help Keep Us Looking Good

Can you or your organization spare two hours a month to help keep one of our City parks or trails in beautiful condition?

We ask volunteer organizations to perform basic park or trail maintenance two hours/month from April - October (raking, trash pick-up, sweeping and reporting any broken equipment to the city). Groups are asked to commit for one year, and provide tools appropriate for the work being done (the City may be able to help with some of the equipment).

In recognition of your support, the City will post a sign prominently at your park or trail, and you will also have acknowledgement on the City web page.

Parental permission is required for participants under the age of 18. Each volunteer must submit a Volunteer Waiver and a Maintenance Agreement Form prior to working.

Submit Your Application

Click the following link to fill out your application: Adopt A Park application form

Parks and Trails Available for Adoption

Struck through names have been adopted for 2024

Large Parks

  • A picture of the gazebo in 7 minute parkSchryver Park
  • The Fields/Skate Park 
  • Memorial Park
  • Seven Minute Spring Park
  • Mansions Park 
  • Soda Springs Park
  • Bill Bauer’s Park

Pocket Parks

  • Mabel Willie Park
  • Library Park
  • Wheeler Town Clock Park
  • Shoshone Spring/Park
  • Cheyenne Spring/Park
  • Iron Spring
  • Wheeler Park
  • Bear Park
  • Beckers Lane Garden
  • Duclo Triangle


  • Paul Intemann Memorial Nature Trail
  • Intemann Trail East
  • Intemann Trail West
  • Iron Mountain Trail
  • Red Mountain Trail
  • The Creek Walk Trail