22-Year-Old Woman With A Disability Donates $1,000 Towards Manitou Springs’ Carnegie Library Remodel

Lil Griesan, a determined advocate for the disabled community, is making a significant contribution towards the renovation of Manitou Springs’ Carnegie Library. In 2008, at the age of six, Lil faced a life-altering accident when she was struck by a vehicle while riding her bike near her home. This tragic incident left her with a traumatic brain injury, resulting in balance, coordination, and speech issues, along with a movement disorder.A picture of Lil sitting in a forested area smiling at the camera.

While she can walk with some assistance, for extended journeys, she often relies on a wheelchair, even though it has come with the accompanying chronic pain and fatigue.

Throughout her life, Lil has been an advocate for the rights of the disabled community, emphasizing the need for accessible infrastructure and buildings. In high school, she dedicated herself to making her campus more inclusive, and even after graduation, she continues to make a positive impact. Her generous donation of $1,000 towards the Manitou Springs’ Carnegie Library Remodel reflects her unwavering commitment to creating inclusive spaces.

In Lil’s own words, “I am living proof that you can come back from a tragedy and kick ass.”

Commenting on her donation, Lil stated, “I am doing this to take care of my people.”

City Officials in Manitou Springs expressed profound gratitude for the generous donation. Denise Howell, the City Administrator, stated that these accessible enhancements go beyond legal compliance. She emphasized, "They are about creating inclusive and welcoming spaces, ensuring comfort for all, regardless of abilities or disabilities."

About the Carnegie Library Building Remodel:

The Manitou Springs Carnegie Library, a community cornerstone since 1911, has witnessed a nearly fourfold population increase. Despite this, its size and occupancy limit (19) remain unchanged. Furthermore, it was never designed to accommodate mobility challenges, remaining unaltered since the ADA's 1990 passage, limiting accessibility.

The project involves a 2,950 sq ft addition to the existing 3,486 sq ft historic structure, with interior updates. Prioritizing minimal impact on the original building, it integrates essential accessibility features and aligns with modern library principles. The addition, carefully situated, preserves the street view, while offering accessible park space above grade, honoring the primary structure.

Donations are accepted here.

Donations to the Carnegie Library Remodel and Expansion are for a public purpose, and therefore may quality for tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or State income tax laws. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether your donation is tax deductible in whole or in part. Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.