Colorado Spring Utilities is the entity that installs, maintains, replaces, and repairs streetlights in Manitou Springs. Their small but effective streetlights team responds to over 500 streetlights issues per month. Springs Utilities conducts night runs on 25 major arterial routes twice per year, resolving any issues they find. Residents can also report streetlight issues. The vast majority of streetlights issues the team resolves fall in one of the two categories below:IMG_0091

As streetlights burn out, the streetlights team replaces them. We do not automatically receive outage information, so please report streetlight outages when you see them. We do not intend for any streetlights to be out anywhere in the City.

Occasionally, streetlights are damaged in traffic accidents and have to be replaced. Again, we do not automatically receive information about knockdowns, so please report any downed streetlights.

Report A Streetlight Issue

(Please scroll and click "Streetlights/Power Outage/Water Main Break/Other Utilities")