Water Conservation

Free Sprinkler Evaluations

The City offered a valuable service to its residents in 2022 - free sprinkler evaluations. This initiative empowers interested homeowners to optimize their sprinkler systems and adopt water-wise irrigation practices.

Leak Detection Tablets

The Finance Department plays a crucial role in water conservation efforts by providing free leak detection tablets and comprehensive guides to residents. Equipping individuals with the tools to identify and rectify leaks in toilets is a key strategy in curbing water wastage and promoting responsible water management.Be Water Wise

Phasing Out Old Sprinkler Heads

The City is committed to optimizing its irrigation systems for maximum water efficiency. As part of this effort, Manitou Springs is gradually phasing out old sprinkler heads and replacing them with pressure-regulated alternatives. This proactive measure ensures the effective distribution of water, minimizing waste in the process.

Showerhead Exchange Program

Manitou Springs residents are encouraged to participate in the Showerhead Exchange Program. This program allows residents to trade in their old showerheads for high-quality and water-friendly alternatives. The no-cost exchange program promotes water conservation without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Vactor Truck

The City's new vacuum truck recycles water, using only 2,700 gallons of water weekly. Previously, we would use around 20,000 gallons of water weekly.

Water Wise

At the heart of Manitou Springs' water conservation strategy lies its steadfast adherence to Water Wise conservation requirements. These regulations promote responsible water usage, leading to economic savings for residents on utility bills while safeguarding the City's most precious resource - water. By adopting Water Wise practices, the community ensures the preservation of healthy landscapes and efficient water utilization for a more sustainable future.