Transition to Digital

In total, we estimate over 166,000 pieces of paper annually thanks to the following processes!

BlueBeam: Streamlining Building Permit Reviews

One noteworthy achievement is the implementation of BlueBeam, the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department's digital building permit review and tracking software. This digital platform has replaced the need for hardcopy plan sets, often spanning over 100 pages of 24”x36” paper. By digitizing the permit review process, the City has significantly reduced paper consumption and minimized the need for staff vehicle trips to the regional building department. This transition has not only saved resources but also streamlined the development review process, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Centralizing Records with Laserfiche

To enhance records management and reduce physical storage needs, the City adopted Laserfiche in 2022. This software centralizes records management to a digital solution, making it easier to organize and access important documents. This transition has not only increased efficiency but also minimized the environmental impact associated with traditional paper-based records management.

Digital HR Processes and Records Managementcivicplus logo

In line with the City's push for paperless operations, the Human Resources Department transitioned its processes to digital platforms. In 2022, the department processed 500 job applicants digitally, saving over 2,000 sheets of paper. Moreover, the current staff completes paperwork, performance evaluations, benefit enrollment, and claims online, further reducing the reliance on paper documents.

E-Force and Paperless Operations

Efforts to reduce paper usage extended to key departments like the Police Department and Municipal Court. The introduction of E-Force, a software eliminating the need for many paper documents, has transformed operations within these departments. It has not only streamlined workflows but also significantly decreased paper waste, promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to essential administrative tasks.

Embracing Digital Forms and Agendas

The City has actively embraced digital solutions to optimize various administrative processes. In 2020, the introduction of CivicClerk made agendas and packet materials fully accessible online, ensuring greater transparency and accessibility for the public. Moreover, the CivicOptimize software facilitated the transition of numerous departmental forms to a fillable and submittable online format, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation. These advancements have resulted in estimated annual paper savings of over 20,000 pieces, showcasing the City's commitment to leveraging technology for a greener future.

Innovative Invoice Processing with Stampli

In 2022, the introduction of Stampli enabled the digital processing of invoices. By utilizing this software, the City estimates annual paper savings of approximately 10,000 pieces. This streamlined and environmentally conscious approach to invoice management exemplifies the City's commitment to sustainable practices.

Text2Pay and Digital Parking Processes

In its endeavor to promote sustainability and enhance convenience for residents and visitors alike, the City of Manitou Springs harnessed technology through Text2Pay. This forward-thinking system allows visitors to conveniently pay for parking via text, eliminating the neeT2 Systems logod for tens of thousands of paper receipts annually. Furthermore, the transition to a fully digital system for parking permits and citation disputes (T2) has significantly reduced paper consumption, highlighting the City's commitment to leveraging technology to drive positive environmental change.

Xpress Bill Pay and Opting for Paperless Billing

As part of its unwavering commitment to sustainability, the City of Manitou Springs introduced Xpress Bill Pay, an online payment platform accessible for utilities, court, and all other City departments. Additionally, utilities customers have been provided the option to opt-in for paperless billing, further reducing the reliance on paper-based billing methods. These innovative measures are integral to the City's sustainable vision, reflecting its dedication to reducing paper waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices.