Maintaining Natural Landscapes

To preserve the ecological integrity of Manitou Springs, we utilize reacclimated wild grass seed for natural landscapes. This approach helps maintain the native plant species and fosters biodiversity in the area. By prioritizing natural landscapes, the City promotes a healthier environment and preserves the unique character of Manitou Springs.

Organic Land Management Policy

Manitou Springs' Organic Land Management Policy ensures the safe and sustainable use of pesticides, fertilizers, and landscape products. The OMRI Listed - For Organic Use logopolicy prohibits toxic substances unless under specific circumstances and mandates the use of OMRI-approved products. This commitment to organic practices safeguards the well-being of people, animals, and the environment on City properties. Landscape maintenance staff employ sustainable methods such as hand-weeding and over seeding to combat weeds, reducing reliance on harmful chemicals.

Tree Ordinance

In 2022, the City of Manitou Springs passed a significant ordinance that establishes standards for tree care and protection within the community. This ordinance serves to safeguard the health and longevity of trees and ensure their preservation for future generations. By implementing tree care regulations, Manitou Springs demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practices and responsible urban development. In addition, from 2020-2023, the City has planted 195 trees!

Tree Planting Vouchers

To encourage tree planting and increase tree canopy coverage, Manitou Springs offers $100 vouchers to residents for planting trees on their private property. This program aims to empower residents to contribute to the City's greening efforts while enhancing the aesthetic and environmental value of their surroundings. 121 trees have been planting due to this program as of July, 2023. 

Worlds First Certified Municipal Pollinator District

Manitou Springs has transformed its landscapes into flower- and native-plant-rich environments, creating a haven for butterflies, bees, and other eButterfly pavillion logossential pollinators. Through the incorporation of rain gardens, bio-swales, green roofs, public common areas, and residential developments, the City has seamlessly integrated pollinator-friendly enhancements into various green spaces. As a result of community commitment and years of hard work, the City of Manitou Springs is distinguished as the worlds first Certified Municipal Pollinator District.