Neighborhood Chipping Program

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Starting mid-June, 2022, we will be mobilizing our woodchipper to each of our individual neighborhoods to pick up piles tree branches near the road.

Please see the linked flyer for rules and regulations regarding this program:

June 15 – Zone 7 (Crystal Hills)IMG_3229

June 29 – Zone 4 (Crystal Park Rd to Deer Path)

July 6 – Zone 3 (Deer Path to Manitou Pl)

July 20 – Zone 1 (Ruxton)

August 3 – Zone 2 (Canon Ave)

August 17 – Zone 5 (El Paso)

August 31 – Zone 6 (Vias)

Acceptable Materials

  • Only piles of wood limbs and branches up to 4" in diameter are accepted.
  • No construction or building materials
  • No trash, weeds, etc.
  • No root wads, dirt, or rocks
  • No grass clippings
  • No bags of leaves or pine needles
  • No nails and wire
  • Do NOT tie or band piles

Pile Guidelines

  • Piles must be stacked curbside by 7AM on the applicable morning
  • Must be neatly stacked with cut ends facing the road
  • Piles must be within 5' of roadway (do not place on the sidewalk!)
  • Max pile size is 5x5x5
  • No limit on number of piles
  • Leave space between each pile
  • Do not combine piles with neighbors or haul material in from other neighborhoods
  • Do NOT tie or band piles

Example of a bad wood pileExample of a good wood pile