Residential Parking Credit Program

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You asked, and we listened. Per the 2021 Community Survey, the most requested mobility-specific request was for free residential parking for downtown and our local parks. Starting in April of 2022, Manitou Springs residents can now receive 50 free credits for parking in Manitou Springs per year.

1 credit = 1 hour of parking.

If a resident uses all 50 credits, they can recharge their credits at a rate of $0.75/hr.

How to Apply

To apply for the Residential Parking Credit Program, please fill out our Parking Permit Request Form. Please note, this program requires proof of residency by submitting:

  • A valid driver’s license with current address.
  • A valid vehicle registration.
  • One of the following:
    • A current property tax statement.
    • A current utility bill in the requester’s name dated within 30 day of the date of application.
    • Voter registration card with current address.
    • A copy of an executed lease between the owner or agent of the property and the tenant(s). Only those tenant(s) indicated on the lease will be considered eligible to purchase/receive permits.  Subleases are not accepted.
    • Any other documentation deemed acceptable by the Parking Manager.

NOTE: You must submit a valid vehicle registration for every vehicle that will be used under the Credit Program. The program is limited to 50 credits per household.

There is no physical "card" associated with this program. Our internal system will recognize license plates at the kiosk and our text to pay system.

How to Use Your Credits

Approach a parking kiosk and enter your license plate of your vehicle into the kiosk.

After entering your license plate, click the number 1 to select "purchase ticket."

Click the number three to select the "residential hourly" option.

Step 4

Enter your desired number of parking hours and then click [ok] to finish your transaction.