Congestion Reduction

Progressive Parking Rates

Our rate structure for parking is determined by the utilization of our parking spots - and its scientifically proven to work. Progressive Parking Rates is a more in-depth pricing structure that encourages the visitors of Manitou Springs to park further from downtown. By nature, parking in downtown Manitou Springs is always more desired than parking further away, because its closer to where our visitors want to be. Therefore, parking downtown, during an average warm day, is always nearly 100% occupied - when parking outside of downtown may only be at 50% occupied at the same time. 

Our goal is for all of the parking locations in Manitou Springs to be at 85%-92% occupancy.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented Progressive Parking Rates - rates that encourage turnover of parking spaces by increasing in price the longer you remain parked. In addition, these rates are adjusted on a quarterly basis based solely upon the locations average occupancy.

*Paid Parking in effect 24/7

Parking Lot Information

Lot Name: Permit Availability # of Spaces Address 
Barr Lot
4013 Hydro Street
Canon Lot
Yes46135 Canon Avenue
Hiawatha Gardens
No15510 Old Man's Trail
Smischny Lot
Yes411134 Manitou Avenue
Wichita Lot
Yes91708 Manitou Avenue
On-Street Parking

Free Incline Reservation Systemlandscaoe

In August of 2020, in a cohesive and well maintained relationship with the City of Colorado Springs, the Free Incline Reservation System was established to manage the large amount of visitors the Incline receives daily. This system, managed by the City of Colorado Springs, has resulted in a drastic decrease in congestion on Ruxton Avenue, and a better and more prepared experience for those who hike the Incline.

For more information on the reservation system, please visit the City of Colorado Springs' Website.

In addition to the reservation system, we removed paid parking from Ruxton Avenue, further reducing the congestion in that narrow corridor. the 00 block of Ruxton still has paid parking, to allow for businesses on the block to have parking nearby.

Parking Occupancy Communication

One major factor that contributes to congestion in Manitou Springs is cruising: the act of driving around and looking for a parking space. In order to minimize the need for cruising, we have introduced real time parking occupancy numbers on signs outside all of our parking lots, and online! This allows for our visitors to check where available parking is, before they even head into Manitou Springs.

To view the real time parking occupancy map, please visit here: PaPicture of City Officials and bike advocates during the Mayor Bike Ride Opens in new windowrking Locations.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Multimodal access to public transportation considers and accommodates the many ways public transportation users get to and from a public transportation stop or center to access a public transportation service. Those methods include walking, bicycling, riding feeder public transportation systems (e.g., taking the bus to connect to commuter rail at a station), and driving.

In Manitou Springs, we are working from many angles to provide safer access to all areas of Manitou Springs for foot traffic, bicycles, free shuttles, and much more. Part of this process is policy based, such as the implementation of policy for bikes to easier navigate Manitou Springs, or more simple initiatives, such as painting share the road arrows on our bike corridors. 

El Paso Boulevard is a great example of our efforts towards Multi-Modal Transportation. With new signage, pavement markings, and road diets, the road has become much safer for all types of transportation.


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