-City Hall Redesign


PowerPoint Presented at February 3rd Community Meeting

Draft Floor Plans for City Hall


After many years of remodeling and rearranging City Hall to suit the changing demands of the community, the time has come to examine a more holistic approach to help ensure that current needs are met, with an eye toward the future as well. Numerous problems hamper the building; there are ADA compliance issue, fire escape issues, and a police department that faces many challenges in the transport and holding of detainees. Finally, there is a need for more work areas for staff, and a more logical way for the public to interface with the departments most critical to their day to day needs. 

With a confined space, with no place to logically expand, it comes down to maximizing the space available, and determining which uses can be combined or reduced and how to make the balance of spaces as efficient as possible, while respecting the integrity and historic nature of the building. And of course, cost is the primary consideration. 

How can we maximize the impact while containing the costs?  Of course there are tradeoffs, and after developing a number of approaches, it is time to share our thoughts with the community of Manitou Springs to better understand their priorities, concerns and preferences.  

Public Meeting (February 17)

We want to hear from you! Our second public meeting to hear the community's thoughts and feedback on the City Hall Redesign was at 6:30 PM on February 17th (via ZOOM). Various concepts were shown, as well as a presentation by the University Technical Assistance Program at UCDenver. 

Its not too late to submit feedback, you can email the work group for this project at cityhallredesign@manitouspringsco.gov