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The Creek Walk Trail in Manitou Springs will balance the need to protect and maintain Fountain Creek’s historic and natural resource integrity with the need to serve the community with a quality multi-modal trail experience and transportation corridor infused with the character of Manitou Springs. When completed, the Creek Walk Trail system will connect the multi-use Midland Greenway Trail (to the East) with the multi-use Ute Pass Trail (to the West).An image of creekwalk trail. Viewed from El Paso Blvd

The Manitou Springs Creek Walk Master Plan, completed in 2018, identified optional trail alignments and trail character goals through robust community engagement and will serve as the guiding document for design of future trail segments. As the Creek Walk Master Plan notes, trail design and construction will occur in phases over multiple years as funding is secured. After a period of inactivity, several Creek Walk activities are underway: Creek Walk Phase 3 construction is close to securing final approvals, and Creek Walk Trail Phase 4 & 5 Design is underway in fall 2021 through springs 2022.

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Project Purpose: Creek Walk Trail Design, Phases 4 & 5

This project will define a design and create construction documents to build the Creek Walk Trail from Mayfair Avenue to the Wichita Parking Lot at Lover’s Lane. Guided by the City-appointed Steering Committee, design options, technical and jurisdictional requirements, and available funding will be evaluated for the alignments identified in the community-supported 2018 Manitou Springs Creek Walk Master Plan.

Creek Walk Phases 4 & 5 will extend the trail to City Hall and include connections to Manitou Springs High School/Middle School campus, Hiawatha Gardens, and several City parks. Once Phase 4 is complete, students in the City’s northeast neighborhoods will be able to access the school campus by multimodal trail. The design process for Phases 4 & 5 will be divided into two phases: preliminary and final design.

A picture of Fountain Creek from the bridge on Old Mans Trail

The City engaged a consultant team led by Jacobs Engineering to develop the design plans. The City obtained grant assistance for this project from two sources: the State of Colorado Multimodal Opportunity Fund and CDOT Transportation Alternatives Program.

Public Involvement

The Creek Walk Master Plan identifies many stakeholders that were involved in Plan development and should also be for the trail design. The City of Manitou Springs 

City staff prepared a Public Involvement Strategy for the project with three tiers:

  1. Project Steering Committee: will provide direct input to the consultant team to guide project design. 
  2. Stakeholder outreach: includes property owners adjacent the trail alignment and interested parties. Stakeholders will be invited to review the selected design alternative and their input will be summarized provided to the Steering Committee. 
  3. Opportunities for broad community outreach and input: The Creek Walk Master Plan notes that the trail will be “designed for the average eight-year old and the average 80 year old.“ The trail is a community facility that is accessible by residents, visitors, and recreationalists, young to senior. The City will broadly communicate opportunities for involvement through the Pikes Peak Bulletin, social media, project website, and a public meeting.

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  1. Dole Grebenik

    City Engineer

  2. Erin Ringsred

    Planner II

“We are developing a trail that is designed for the average eight-year old and the average eighty-year old, with the idea that if we do this, EVERYONE will be welcome.”

-Creek Walk Master Plan