MAPS Project

Last Updated 5/16/22 at 10:46 AM


The MAPS (which if you are curious, stands for Manitou Avenue, Park Avenue to Serpentine) project is a major capital improvement project that is upgrading and undergrounding utilities, installing a new storm drain system, improving the roadway grades, installing a new 10’ wide multi-use trail, improving pedestrian safety, and installing new ADA compliant sidewalk and ramps.  

This $4M project is 82% federally funded and 18% funded by Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA). Wildcat Construction is the prime contractor and tasked with building this very challenging project.

Current Impacts:

Paving Operations May 16 - May 27 Manitou Avenue

maps pic

Dates to Look Out For!

  • Wildcat Construction to begin the curb and gutter and paving operations for the last section of Manitou Avenue. Should begin within the month.
  • For the a water disruption to take place from 8AM-5PM on 5/6. This will allow for more water valves to be installed on Manitou Avenue, resulting in the ability to consolidate water outages to a few homes, as opposed to the long stretch of homes along Manitou Avenue. 

These dates are estimates that can be completed sooner or earlier depending on weather, COVID, supply chain issues, etc.

What Has Been Completed:

  • 3/4 of the roadway and sidewalks constructed
  • Stamped concrete median installed
  • Installation of new storm drainage system
  • Roadway grade lowered
  • Primary power undergrounded
  • Secondary power undergrounded
  • 1/2 of curb and gutter installed
  • Communications cables (Comcast and Century Link) buried
  • A gas line was lowered on Minnehaha
  • A manhole was installed on Minnehaha
  • Curb and gutter installed on Minnehaha
  • Colorado Springs Utilities Gas Line Installation from Waltham to Serpentine (crews are finishing up in the Serpentine intersection now)

What Will Be Completed:

  • Other side of Manitou Ave. needs to be reconstructed
  • Striping on the new roadway
  • Landscape improvements
  • Top mat to be placed on the unfinished roadway.
  • Installation of street lights at crosswalks

What Impacts Will There Be:MAPS pic

  • Except for minor impacts, no more closures are expected on Ute, Waltham, or Minnehaha.
  • Brief periods of blocked access for entrances will take place during the roadway construction for the final 1/2 of Manitou Avenue
  • Parking on both sides of the road will not be allowed on Ute Trail
    • This is extremely important. Our Fire Engines cannot drive up Ute with cars parked on both sides of the road.
  • Limited parking will be in place along Manitou Avenue until the roadway is striped
  • More congested parking on residential streets due to less parking on Minnehaha and Manitou Ave during construction
  • Parking passes for parking in the work-zone were handed out to affected residents in late October. If you need a parking pass for the weekend to allow you to park in the work zone, please reach out to