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Free ADA Parking

To allow for everybody to have easy access to our great amenities and businesses, the City of Manitou Springs is now offering free ADA parking in all paid parking spaces across Manitou Springs as part of our #PositiveParking initiative. Requirements to utilize this free parking are no different than parking in a standard ADA spot, an identifying placard, or a license plate for persons with disabilities must be displayed.
This is applicable to all paid parking spaces, including spaces located in parking lots. In addition, all ADA designated spots will still be in place to allow for close access. 
Please note that time limits on parking spaces will still be required.

Parking Rates

Parking rates are increasing in Manitou Springs, but with a positive impact. Providing smooth transportation and mobility around Manitou Springs is a focus of ours, that will help become achieved with our new #PositiveParking initiative.

Increased parking rates in highly desired areas will dilute congestion and spread desired parking all around our beautiful town. In addition, with our shuttle service, and micro-mobility stations coming soon, movement through Manitou Springs has never been easier! 

The average increase will be $0.62 per hour for on street parking, and $5/day for parking lots. Some notable changes are as follows: Hiawatha Gardens will be $1 per hour; the Mansions Parking Lot will be $5 per day; and paid parking will be introduced to the 400-600 block of Manitou Avenue and the 400-500 block of El Paso Blvd.

Parking generated revenue goes back into transportation, and directly supports sustainable mobility around Manitou Springs. Already, we have added safer crosswalks that include flashing signs and safety flags, an in house parking department, parking occupancy signs, and a new surface for Hiawatha Gardens! 

We are excited to continue to improve the mobility and transportation experience in Manitou Springs.

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