Manni Awards


One of the special things about Manitou Springs is our community’s willingness to help. This is evidenced throughout all demographics of our town—at the personal level all the way up to our local government and nonprofits. Our collaborative spirit is demonstrated in the way important social institutions of the city work together and come together. It is rare to find a town in which the city government, school district, chamber of commerce, local newspaper, local arts organizations, citizens, businesses, nonprofits and even the local philanthropic foundation work together to acknowledge the people who go out of their way to help others and make the town better. 

But that’s exactly what the Manni Awards do. Once a year, Manitou Springs has a celebration and potluck dinner to recognize community leaders, volunteers, and champions who have given outstanding service and demonstrated their ability to collaborate and inspire others to manifest Manitou’s community vision. The sponsors of this year’s Manni Awards are the Manitou Springs City Government; Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau and Office of Economic Development; Manitou Springs School District 14; Sixty35 Media; Creative Alliance Manitou Springs (CRANE); and the Manitou Springs Community Foundation. 

Each year, the awards committee asks the public for nominations of people who are making a positive difference in their neighborhood and town. They look at what has been accomplished in the last years by residents, businesses, and employees. Who, through volunteering their time and talent, going above and beyond, have made Manitou a better place because of their selfless service.     

Each year, a different local or regional artist creates a unique design for the Manni Award. 

It is amazing that Manitou Springs can maintain its sense of small-town connection while sharing it with our summertime tourists and larger neighbor to the east. We actively work to respect our differences and to find solutions to our small town problems and beyond. It takes a lot of listening and compromise to get things done right. Mistakes are often made and corrected. Trust must be grown slowly by working together and helping each other over time. The sponsors of the Manni Awards have learned to do just that and the process reminds us all that it is the power of the people that keeps Manitou strong. 

The Manni Awards are given in 10 categories, based on the community visions stated in the town's master plan. The categories are: Artistic Endeavors, Education and Learning, Environmental Stewardship, Business and Economic Vitality, Health and Well-being, Community Champion, Public Service, Movers and Shakers, Youth Visionary Leadership, and Adult Visionary Leadership.   

For more information, please visit the Manni Awards Webpage.

Manni Awards Winners & Finalists

The 2024 Manni Awards are taking place on Friday, March 15, 2024 at 5:30 PM. For more information, please visit the Manni Awards Webpage.

Tim Beeson, Keith Buckmiller, Carnegie Library Renovation, Sierra Dunlap, Sara and Ray Ferguson, Alison Gerbig, Miles Groth, Ronnie Huery, Kate Johnson, Eric Karlson, Cody Kelley, Julie Lavigne, Loft Espresso, Manitou Springs Arts Academy, Mike Mazzola, Marcus Medina, Gary Miller, Steven Miller, Mary Ellen Montgomery, Marcy Palmer, Manuel Pulido, Lisa Quintana, Jane Squires, Joan Stang, Carey Storm, Mike Talbott, John Todd, Michelle Tomasik, Rhonda Van Pelt, Bob and Nikki Weizenecker


  • K8e Orr: Rockey Artistic Endeavors
  • Carrie Dunlap: Education and Learning
  • Barak BenAmots & Ruthie Markwardt: Environmental Stewardship
  • Marc Benning: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Alex Trefry: Public Services
  • Elanor Fugate: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Meghan Weiss: Health and Wellbeing
  • Jared Thompson: Mover and Shaker
  • Jim & Arlene Wood: Community Champion     
  • Mike Casey: Visionary Leadership


  • Molly Wingate:  Rockey Artistic Endeavors 
  • Vi Gaunce: Education and Learning
  • Melody Daugherty: Environmental Stewardship
  • Armadillo Ranch: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Randy Perkins: Public Services
  • Abby Parker: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Drum Circle of Manitou Springs: Health and Wellbeing
  • Becca Sickbert : Mover and Shaker
  • Ralph Routon: Community Champion
  • Laura and Lyn Ettinger Harwell: Visionary Leadership


  • Navaratine, Alain and Maria: Charles Rocky Artistic Endeavors
  • Wren, Spencer: Business & Economic Vitality
  • Davis, Becca: Public Service
  • Faucette, Paula: Education & Learning
  • Salladay, Caden: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Mussi, Lisa: Environmental Stewardship
  • Yager, Peggie: Health and Well-being
  • Maio, Michael: Community Champion
  • Smith, Gary: Civic Achievement
  • Minch, Neale: Visionary Leadership


  • Bredvik, De Lane: Rockey Award for Artistic Endeavor
  • Delwiche, Alan: Lifetime Community Champion
  • Fatt, Danu: Environmental Stewardship
  • Forsett, John K.: Public Service
  • Kezziah, Tweed, and Susan Watkins: Civic Achievement
  • Lowe, Se’amus: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Manitou Brewing: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Marquardt, Christi: Education and Learning
  • Merrin, Rev. Susie: Health and Well-being
  • Schmitt, Annie: Visionary Leadership


  • Chaney, Roy: Public Service
  • David, Gwenn: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Edmundson, Douglass Keithley: Visionary Leadership
  • Elder, Becky: Environmental Stewardship
  • Koerner, Bill: Lifetime Community Service
  • Miller, Tracy: C.H. Rockey Award for Artistic Endeavor
  • Moran, Pat: Outstanding Educational Accomplishment
  • Omi, Jayden: Student Leadership
  • Shogren, Tracy: Civic Achievement
  • Tudor, Kat, and Don Goede: Health, Healing and Well-being


  • Baker, Rich and Linda: Civic Achievement
  • French, Kevin: Public Service
  • Haas, Tim: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Kurschner, Dan: Health and Well-being
  • Loftin, Melissa: Education
  • Nichols, Ann: Community Champion
  • Plush, Nathan: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Stuart, Dan: Visionary Leadership
  • Wells, Andy: Humanitarian
  • Wilson, Nancy: Environmental Stewardship (couldn’t attend – have no closeup photos)
  • Wong, Mark: C.H. Rockey Artistic Endeavors


  • Buller, Rachel: Business and Economic Vitality
  • Fortuin, NancyEnvironmental
  • Gillis, Mark: Public Service
  • Heiniger, Mo: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Ito, Chifumi: Civic Achievement
  • Johnson, Natalie: Visionary Achievement
  • Morrow, Kathleen: Health and Well-being
  • Rykovich, George: Education
  • Snyder, Kelly: Community Champion
  • Wood, Steve: C.H. Rockey Artistic Endeavors


  • Garrison, Joanne: Lifetime Humanitarian
  • Heidenrich, Debbie: Lifetime Education Achievement
  • Hokanson, Del: Health & Well-being
  • Jaray, Ken: Adult Visionary Leadership
  • Milar family/The Keg: Business Vitality
  • Morrison, Marcy: Lifetime Public Service
  • Snyder, Marc: Public Service
  • Toll, Shanti and Coreen: Environmental Stewardship
  • Vestal, ChrisEntrepreneurship 
  • Walters, Brad: Civic Achievement
  • White, Samantha: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Wright, Julia: Charles Rockey Artistic Endeavors


  • Anthony, Michelle: Civic Achievement
  • Bell, Oliver: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Elder, Jack and Ben Kuckel: Rockey Artistic Endeavors
  • Johanson, Rod: Lifetime Education Achievement
  • Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department: Public Service (Rev. David Hunting accepted)
  • McDonough, Farley and David: Business Vitality
  • Purna, Joy: Adult Visionary Leadership
  • Rockey, Charles: Lifetime Artistic Achievement
  • Sharpton, Terry and Dave Wolverton: Environmental Stewardship


  • Beebe, Julie: Youth Visionary Leadership
  • Wood, Laurie: Adult Visionary Leadership


  • Chorpenning, David: Adult Visionary Leadership
  • Mohon, Megan: Youth Visionary Leadership