Manni Awards


The Manni Awards were started in 2014 by the collaboration of the city government, the school district, the Chamber of Commerce, the Manitou Springs Collaborative and the local newspaper. The awards recognize community leaders and champions who have given outstanding volunteer service and demonstrated the ability  to collaborate and inspire others to manifest Manitou's community visions.

Each year approximately ten awards are given in the following categories: Lifetime Education, Lifetime Community Champions, Adult Visionary Leadership, Youth Visionary Leadership, CH Rockey Artistic Endeavors, Environmental Stewardship, Business & Economic Vitality, Health & Wellbeing, Civic Achievement, and Public Service.

2020 Manni Awards Winners & Finalists

Charles Rocky Artistic Endeavors - Alain and Maria Navaratine
Business & Economic Vitality - Spencer Wren
Public Service - Becca Davis
Education & Learning - Paula Faucette
Youth Visionary Leadership - Caden Salladay
Environmental Stewardship - Lisa Mussi
Health and Well-being - Peggie Yager
Community Champion - Michael Maio
Civic Achievement - Gary Smith
Visionary Leadership - Neale  Minch


This webpage is still under maintenance, and will soon showcase all Manni Award winners.