Manitou Springs Code Update

Over the past two years Manitou Springs City Staff, City boards and commissions, work groups of community members, and many more stakeholders have been working together to craft an updated Land Use and Development Code for Manitou Springs.

On Tuesday, January 3, 2022, Manitou Springs City Council passed Ordinance NO. 2322 with a unanimous vote, therefore implementing the Land Use and Development Code, effective March 1, 2023.

Hannah Van Nimwegen-McGuire, Planning Director for the City of Manitou Springs commented on the code update, stating “this code integrates green-building incentives and other sustainable practices, supports the installation of public art, supports affordable housing, and continues the preservation of Manitou Springs’ unique natural features.” She continued “all of this results in a built environment that reflects the character and values of Manitou Springs.”

Land Use and Development Code (Effective March 1, 2023)


The City of Manitou Springs is in the process of updating the Zoning and Subdivision Codes (Code), which are the primary regulatory documents the City uses to ensure quality development. The Code includes regulations and design210203_Manitou-Logo-final standards that address zoning, land uses, building setbacks, building height, parking, landscaping, neighborhood character, and procedures.

Link to Manitou Springs Municipal Code

Joint Sessions - City Planning Commission and City Council

During the Manitou Springs Code Update process, the City Planning Commission and City Council jointly met the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6PM. During these meetings, the boards discussed design standards, uses, definitions, and sustainability. 

Assessment Report

We have completed the Zoning and Subdivision Codes Assessment Report! This assessment report considers all public feedback, including comments from the April 27th City Council and Planning Commission joint work session, as well as the professional opinion of the consultant teams and serves as an updateable, living document that outlines a general roadmap for the Code update process. Each of the themes and associated recommendations discussed in this document will take time to develop and many may require additional public outreach and continued discussion with staff and elected officials. The recommendations contained in this report are contingent upon many factors, and are not considered final or guaranteed, as other things may arise during the update process that may alter these recommendations.

Additional Stakeholder Times

The City of Manitou Springs wants your feedback on the current Zoning and Subdivision Codes! If you would like to schedule a stakeholder interview, please contact

The Planning Director will contact you and schedule a time that is most convenient for you. 

Project Description

Knowing that Manitou Springs is mostly built out, and the majority of undeveloped land available is in flood plain or on steep slopes, future development is likely to be comprised of primarily infill, redevelopment, or specific constrained development. Updates were made to both the Zoning and Subdivision Titles in 2019 to reflect the DOLA Planning for Hazards pilot project. However, the Subdivision Title has not been substantially updated since the 1970s and needs a complete overhaul to better reflect current development trends and needs of the City.   Given that Manitou Springs is a tourist hot spot as well as a treasured space to live and work, a modern and tailored code designed specifically for our community is necessary to protect its unique character and landscape.

210211_Manitou Timeline

Previous Public Open Houses for Code Update Project

The first open house for this process was a virtual public open house, held February 25th from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM via digital platform. This open house was an informal educational and feedback session that included a brief presentation at the top of every hour, a fun exercise and the opportunity for questions and general comments on the topic of what’s working and what’s not with the existing Code. Interested community members were welcome to join at any time during the open house window to ask questions and learn more about the project!