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Be Prepared for Flooding

This webpage provides resources for Manitou Springs residents, businesses, and visitors to be prepared for a flood before it occurs. 

Take these steps to prepare for a flood:

  • Know the flood risk for your property and area
  • Sign up for the emergency warning alerts
  • Prepare and practice evacuation routes and shelter plans
  • Prepare a “Go Kit” of supplies and critical items
  • Obtain Flood Insurance
  • In the event of flash flooding, monitor potential signs such as heavy rain

Is My Property at Risk?

First, learn if your property and neighborhood are at risk. Access flood plain maps to determine if your property is in the floodplain. It is also important to understand floodplain areas in your neighborhood.

Have questions or need more information? Consult the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) and Regional Floodplain Administrator; the PPRBD is responsible for a range of flood-plain activities, including issuing permits for development in the floodplain; enforcing floodplain regulations; and flood insurance information. Access PPRBD resources here (https://www.pprbEverbridged.org/), or consult with the Region’s Floodplain Administrator.

Sign Up For Emergency Warning Alerts

  • Is your cell phone your primary phone? Be sure to register your cellphone to receive Emergency Notification System notices. Call El Paso County Enhanced 911 Authority at 719-785-1900, or register online.
  • In the event of a flood emergency in Manitou Springs, the City will issue a siren blast followed by a message.

Use the City's Evacuation Route Map and Prepare an Evacuation Plan

Use the City’s Evacuation Route Map to prepare an Evacuation Plan. The City of Manitou Springs is divided into six evacuation zones, each color-coded. Locate your neighborhood on the map, know which evacuation zone your home or business is in, and note the evacuation route for that zone. It is imperative to remember during flood evacuation, retreat to higher ground on foot. Do not try to drive out of town in your vehicle; you could be trapped in your car, surrounded by rising water. 

Prepare a "Go Kit" and Plan to Evacuate

Preparation is key to mitigating the dangers of flash flooding. This information will help you prepare for flooding.

Obtain Flood Insurance

  • Property owners who obtain flood insurance recover more quickly and fully. Understand your risk and ensure your property for your hazard. Visit https://www.floodsmart.gov to learn about the National Flood Insurance program.
  • Review the benefits of obtaining flood insurance, whether you are a property owner or renter
  • Educate yourself about flood insurance options and discuss them with your insurance agent;

Be Prepared for Flash Flooding, Which Can Occur in Our Narrow Canyon Creeks

Stay up-to-date with current weather forecasts.