Manitou Springs Food Assessment and Action Plan


The Manitou Springs community has an ongoing interest in promoting access to healthy, nutritious, local food for all residents. This interest is reflected in the Plan Manitou community master plan, which includes goals and policies to enhance food access and an action to complete a “Comprehensive Food Assessment and Action Plan.” We initiated the Food Assessment project in Dec. 2019, and it will extend through early April 2020. We are collecting data about food access, distributing a survey, and hosting conversations stakeholder groups to learn:

  • Which demographic groups are not able to consistently access nutritious, affordable food?
  • How we can address gaps for residents in need and increase access to fresh, nutritious foods for all residents?
  • How can we promote economic development and sustainability goals through our food environment and activities?

We also convened a Stakeholder Group of representatives from all other stakeholders to assist with outreach, data collection, and plan development. The project is led by Planning staff with assistance from consultant Jennifer Banyan. First, we will prepare a summary of initial findings in February; then, based on feedback from Community Meetings, we’ll prepare a Preliminary Action Plan.

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Geraldine Webb visits both Senior Lunch on a regular basis and also Food Pantry to cook at home

Project Scope

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Project Schedule

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Plan Manitou: Food-Related Goals and Policies

Plan Manitou: Food Access

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Manitou Springs Community Food Pantry is unique for stocking extensive fresh produce-whole grains-da