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COMS PSA LOGO10-22-19 Public Works Announcement: Narrows Paving Project 10-23-19

The city of Manitou Springs Public Works Department will be grading and paving the Narrows Road corridor on 23, October 2019. Residents please remove all vehicles and possessions by end of day 22, October 2019 for a distance of 6 feet surrounding the road service area. The grading and paving will take place starting at 7 Am and should be complete by the end of the day, so please plan accordingly. Send all questions or concerns to the Public Works Department at 719-492-2359. 

10-22-19 Public Works Annoucement: Narrows Road Paving 10-23-2019

 UPDATE 7:30 pm 10-19-19 

Re: Manitou Terrace Water Leak

Repairs have been made, water line flushed, and crew is headed home. Crew will complete cleanup of the area on Monday.


UPDATE 7:15 PM 10/19/19 Re: Manitou Terrace Water Leak

Water Main has been fully charged and all customers should now have water. Crew is wrapping up and will be heading home soon.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

After a water main break/repair, it is common to see cloudied water and experience air in your water. All customers who were affected by the water outage, please run cold water in to release these air bubbles and flush the cloudied water. This is most beneficial if you run the water from the highest room in your home/business. Once the air dissipates from your water line, the water should clear up.


UPDATE 5:40 PM 10/19/19 Re: Manitou Terrace Water Leak

Crews have made the necessary repairs to the water main leak and are slowly recharging the water now.  Crews will flush a hydrant for a bit, so please don't be alarmed if you see water running down the streets of Cave, Dudley, Spencer, and Canon Aves. 

After a water main break/repair, it is common to see cloudied water and experience air in your water.  All customers who were affected by the water outage, please run cold water in to release these air bubbles and flush the cloudied water.  This is most beneficial if you run the water from the highest room in your home/business.  Once the air dissipates from your water line, the water should clear up.


UPDATE 4:35 PM 10/19/19 Re: Manitou Terrace Water Leak

A new HDPE flange was just fused in place.  Crew is now working on the remaining pipe connections and hope to restore water soon.


UPDATE 3:35 PM 10/19/19 Re: Manitou Terrace Water Leak

Global Underground is now on site and will be attempting to repair this water main. I will post updates as to its success and when we’re recharging the water main.

Thank you,

Rich Fabbro

UPDATE 2:15 PM 10-19-19 Re: Manitou Terrace Water Main Break 

Diversified Underground is on their way, with parts and equipment. Their ETA is 2:30 PM.

Thank you,

Rich Fabbro

UPDATE 11:30 AM 10-19-19 Manitou Terrace Water Main Break:

"We are in contact with Diversified Underground (DU), who has offered up two repair solutions.  They should be on-site this afternoon. We're currently enlarging the excavation per their request, so they can get their HDPE pipe fusing equipment in the trench. 

As DU has done repair work on our HDPE pipe before, as recently as 2 years ago, they are familiar with our system.

CSU's repair crews (who are busy on a water main break of their own) had suggested contacting DU.

We believe this water outage is limited to only Cave Avenue and Dudley Rd.  Several residents on Spencer Ave have stated this morning they have water.

Thank you,

Rich Fabbro"


UPDATE 9:30 AM 10-19-19:

The crew is back on site this morning working on the repair, along with Winwaters rep Cody who is helping and brought the needed repair parts.

Rich Fabbro, Deputy Public Works Director distributed bottled water to customers on Cave, Dudley, and Manitou Terrace.

Water outage affected customers in the immediate area of Spencer Ave, Cave Rd., and Dudley Rd. are free to use the City of Manitou Springs pool facilities' showers - free of charge, during this outage. Pool staff asks that affected customers show a photo I.D. and give their street name to the poof front desk attendant.

New updates will be posted as they occur.

10:30 PM UPDATE 

Re: Water Main Break Manitou Terrace

Public Works Announcement

WinWater is overnighting the needed repair parts from Denver, and they will deliver them to the worksite tomorrow morning at 7AM.

I've sent our guys home an hour ago to get some rest, as some of them have been working on this repair since 5AM this morning and there is nothing else we can do until we have these parts in the morning.

Thank you,

Rich Fabbro 

Water & WW Superintendent

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:07 PM UPDATE 10.18.19 Re: Water Main Break Manitou Terrace 

After installing a repair clamp and recharging the main, the repair won't hold, as we do not have the proper equipment to fuse or repair HDPE pipe joints.We have our local supplier, Winwater, checking their local warehouse for a repair clamp right now, but for now the water is still off.Updates will be posted as they come in.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UPDATE 5:30 PM Re: Water Main Break Manitou Terrace

The Public Works Department and Beers Const are currently working on patching this leak. It is a hairline crack on an HDPE water main. Neither Beers nor COMS has the fusing equipment to make this repair, and it is in a hard to reach place.In the meantime, the plan is to put a temporary repair clamp on this crack and then get the water back on. A permanent repair will have to wait until Monday. Once water service has been restored we will send out another update. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10.18.19 Public Works Announcement: Water Main Break Manitou Terrace 

We had a water main break this morning on Manitou Terrace, near the storage business. This outage is now isolated and appears to be limited to this business and one home.Beers Construction, our emergency on-call contractor has been called in, because we do not have the proper equipment to do this repair, which is somewhere on the main which was bored through solid rock.Updates will be provided throughout the day.

WATER LEAK 20 Manitou Terrace


UPDATE 4:15 PM Re: Water Leak Repaired

219 Crystal Hills Blvd.

The 219 Crystal Hills Blvd water main leak repair is done and the hole has been back filled and compacted.

Asphalt patching will take place on either this Friday or next Monday, to allow for the soil to dry out.

Thank you _____________________________________________________________


The water leak on the water main at 219 Crystal Hills Boulevard has been repaired. The Public Works Crew is slowly recharging the water and customers should start seeing water in the next 30 minutes.

*Please note: You may experience some air in your water lines, and to let your faucets run for a few minutes to purge the air.

Thank you,

Rich Fabbro


UPDATE 8:30 AM 10-16-2019 Public Works Announcement: Water Leak Reported 219 Crystal Hills Blvd. 

The City of Manitou Springs will be performing a water main leak repair on Wednesday 10/16 just north of the intersection of Sutherland Road and Crystal Hills Boulevard, in the Crystal Park neighborhood, at 219 Crystal Hills Boulevard.

Customers in the Crystal Park\Crystal Hills neighborhood should anticipate water outages during this work. Customers as far north as Manitou Avenue and the Via’s streets should also anticipate water outages, along with customers on El Paso Boulevard west to Rockledge Lane.

  • As of 7:55 AM the water is still on and will remain on for a while, so please fill water containers, use showers, and toilets, etc. Repair work will not commence until later this morning when all utility locates are marked. * For updates on water outages and/or repairs, please check at the top of our website (, Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.

Lastly, residents on Crystal Hills Boulevard may experience some traffic delays or road closures, which have yet to be determined.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Rich Fabbro Water & WW Superintendent 

719-685-2561 office

719-492-2349 cell

219 CHB Water Leak Neghborhoods Affected


A Water Leak was reported at the location of 219 Crystal Hills Blvd.. Public Works Water Department is on scene assessing the situation and will give an update of the situation as soon as possible. 
Thank you 

219 CHB Water Leak Reported

10-14-2019 Press Release - Teamwork, planning leads to safe protest within City of Manitou Springs

Contact: Denise Howell

Phone: (719)960-7809

Manitou Springs, CO (OCTOBER 14, 2019) 

 The City of Manitou Springs would like to thank the team involved in managing a safe protest outside Manitou Springs High School this morning.

“Freedom of speech is a bedrock value in America, and today’s protest and counter protest is an excellent example that ideas can be debated publicly on their merits,” said Manitou Springs Mayor Ken Jaray. “At the same time, the City’s priority was the safety of everyone involved in the protest and we are grateful for a safe conclusion to today’s events.”

The City, together with the school district, Manitou Springs Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff’s Department and Colorado Springs Police Department, prepared and executed a plan to ensure the opportunity for public protest, and to ensure the public safety.

“I am grateful to El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder and Colorado Springs Chief of Police Vince Niski,” said Manitou Springs Police Department Chief Brian Churchill, “When we put out the call, they answered with the extra officers we needed to manage the situation safely.”

“I’d like to thank all the City employees who have put in extra hours to make sure this protest was handled appropriately,” said Interim City Administrator Denise Howell, “I know how many hours City staff have put in, the early morning and late night meetings, and the safe conclusion to today’s events is a testament to all their hard work.”

The City would also like to thank area residents for their patience with parking and traffic restrictions. The event near Manitou Springs High School has concluded. Traffic and parking restrictions in the area have been lifted. Please drive carefully and watch for pedestrians.


Contact: Roy Chaney

Phone: 719-499-1642


The City of Manitou Springs is pleased to announce the promotion of Jeff Jones to the position of Public Works Director and Rich Fabbro to the Deputy Public Works Director. Rich will still oversee the duties of the Water Superintendent position.

Both Jeff and Rich have strong backgrounds in public works, possessing a wealth of knowledge and the critical leadership skills needed to lead this very important department.  Combined, they bring 50 years of Public Works experience to the City of Manitou Springs.

Jeff and Rich have made valuable contributions to the city during their tenure with the organization and we are privileged to have them on our staff.

Jeff Jones         Jeff Jones

Rich Fabbro        Rich Fabbro

City of Manitou Springs logo - red10-10-2019 PRESS RELEASE 

Presentation of the City of Manitou 2020 Budget to Community

Contact: Denise Howell, Interim City Administrator

Phone: 719-685-2626

RE: Presentation of the City of Manitou 2020 Budget to Community

City staff presented draft of the City’s proposed budget for the fiscal year 2020 to City Council on Saturday, October 8, 2019 during a special session and wants to share this presentation to the public.

The City will be hosting Community meetings presenting the Proposed 2020 Budget to the public. The proposed budget presentation includes Accomplishments in 2019, Goals/Projects for 2020, and possible funding for the proposed projects.

The Community meetings will be held in Memorial Hall of City Hall, at 606 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 on:

Thursday, October 24th from 5:30 pm – 7 pm 

Tuesday, October 29th from 5:30 pm – 7 pm.

COMS PSA LOGO10-07-2019 Public Works Announcement 

Road Closure Pilot Knob & Illinois 

Concrete pan is being installed across Pilot Knob at the intersection of Pilot Knob and Illinois this week. The entire intersection will be closed from 8 AM - 4 PM Monday 10-07 & Tuesday 10-08. Please see map reference.

Once the concrete is poured it will need to cure for three days Wednesday 10-09 through Friday 10-11. 

Thank you 



Release Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2019

Contact: Denise Howell, Interim City Administrator          

Phone: 719-685-2626

RE: Hiring of City Clerk


Manitou Springs hired Judy Morgan as the new City Clerk for the City of Manitou Springs.  Judy has 15 years of city administration experience, holds numerous qualifications, and is well versed in all official federal, state, and local regulations. We are excited to have her wealth of knowledge on the team and look forward to her joining city staff here in Manitou Springs.

Judy will join city staff November 1st, allowing her time to relocate from Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona.  Acting City Clerk Judy Egbert has agreed to stay on-board until the new City Clerk takes over the position.  Judy Egbert stepped in the City Clerk role upon the previous City Clerk (Donna Kast) vacating the position in July of this year.

Judy Morgan

10-03-2019 Press Release - Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

City of Manitou Springs is under a Stage 1 Fire Restrictions:


Mr. Mayor and Members of City Council,

Because of the current and expected dry weather patterns predicted by the National Weather Service, and to remain consistent with actions occurring with our regional partners, that include El Paso County and United States Forest Service (Pike National Forest), I am ordering Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for the City of Manitou Springs, effective immediately.  The current order for Stage 1 Fire Restrictions includes the following:

  • Open Burning Ban, defined as the prohibited use of any outside fire, including campfires and warming fires.
  • This current ban excludes fires in permanently constructed fire rings within the city’s RV and Camping Parks; and charcoal grills, and wood burning fireplaces, (chiminia) or fire pits with proper fitting screen covers and with a minimum of 15’ separation from structures or other combustible material at private residences.  None of these exclusions permit a total fuel area greater than 3 feet in diameter, and all must have a flame height of less than 2 feet.
  • Outdoor Smoking Ban, defined as the prohibited use of any tobacco product or similar material in cigarettes, cigars, or pipes outdoors.  This excludes smoking in enclosed buildings or structures, and along Manitou Avenue.  Discarding of a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe tobacco products is strictly prohibited. 

These restrictions do not apply to gas-fueled grills used out-of-doors, or to fires within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves.  Additionally, compliant fireplaces and wood-burning stoves within private residences are not included.

As always, restrictions will be adjusted accordingly as fire danger and predicted weather conditions change.

Respectfully Submitted,

John K. Forsett, Fire Chief, City of Manitou Springs