Historic Manitou Springs is historic for good reason. Blessed with a dozen mineral springs, scores of local artists, invigorating dry air, cerulean skies, and a great location-we're the gateway to both America's Mountain, Pikes Peak, and to Colorado's most popular free park, Garden of the Gods-Manitou. 


Garden of the Gods-Manitou has been a beloved tourist destination ever since the 1870s, especially during the summer months. Back then, and up through the 1930s, it was primarily an upscale summer spa town, a mecca for East Coasters and Brits suffering from respiratory illnesses like tuberculosis. 


With the growth of neighboring Colorado Springs just four miles to our east, and with the development of superb ski areas just two hours to our west, and with our own retail development, which has brought with it the following amenities that draws fun-loving visitors year-round:

  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Excellent Restaurants
  • Galleries
  • Motels
  • Pubs

The Weather

Many find our winter climate a particularly nice surprise. Although close to ski country, we get very little snow ourselves-far less, even, than Colorado Springs. And except for occasional arctic blasts, we enjoy many winter days of sweater weather. So hikers can still hike, runners can still run, golfers can still golf, and skiers-well, they can drive to Breckenridge or Monarch in the morning, ski all day, and still get home to cozy Manitou in time for dinner.

Renovating Downtown

Over the last several years we've given our downtown corridor a dramatic face-lift. It's an even better place to stroll and shop-and a photographer's delight.

The following are some of the enhancements brought to the downtown area:

  • Added a charming roundabout
  • Buried all power lines
  • Installed fresh planters, benches, and public art up and down a 5-block stretch
  • Widened our sidewalks


Manitou Springs offers its visitors a wealth of attractions:

  • Ducky shops
  • Eye-popping scenery the equal of virtually anything in Colorado
  • Lively pubs and restaurants
  • Oodles of well-groomed hiking trails
  • Picturesque old-timey architecture


Manitou also has magnificent weather and offers many events like the Carnivale and the Fruitcake Toss, that give fun-loving Manitou its reputation for being one of a kind. Here, you get to meet true Manitoids! We know you'll enjoy your visit here.

Chamber, Visitors Bureau & Office of Economic Development

The website you are currently viewing focuses on the governmental aspects of Manitou Springs. You can also vastly expand your knowledge of what to do and where to stay by visiting the Chamber of Commerce website. It can provide some of the information you might be seeking such as the following:

  • Facility fees
  • Information about our local government
  • Maps
  • Park information
  • Parking information

We look forward to seeing you on the streets of Manitou Springs. Enjoy your visit with us and have fun!