Benefits of Recycling

Our weekly recycle volume now represents 28% of our overall waste stream or 7.05 tons of trash being recycled. That equates to 30.5 tons per month or 366 tons of recycle annually!

  • Recycling saves landfill space: Many landfills are filled with tons of waste material that could have been recycled. Some of this material is considered non-biodegradable and takes a long time to decompose. Recycling ensures such items will be properly disposed and processed.
  • Recycling saves energy: when new products are manufactured from the raw materials obtained through recycled products, it saves the energy consumed for the production of new products.
  • Recycling reduces pollution: it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The processing of fresh raw material creates more toxic materials that pollute the environment. Using products from recycled material reduces the amount of energy needed and toxins produced.
  • Recycling creates economic benefits: it creates employment opportunities for many people during the various stages of the process. This in turn contributes to economic development.
  • Recycling saves natural resources: processing and using an old, used product for the production of a new product saves natural resources. Using recycled paper for making newspapers saves trees.