Trash / Recycling Service

Trash Cans

For service delays/updates from GFL, please visit their website.

In August of 2010, the City of Manitou Springs initiated a residential Single Hauler Waste and Recyclables Program becoming the first community is southern Colorado to do so. This took years of talks and meetings (PDF) but now there are fewer trash trucks on our streets and they only come on one day instead of several.

Green For Life (GFL) is the City's current trash/recycling contractor and Tuesday is the City wide trash/recycling pick-up day.

Contact Information:

GFL has dedicated an email address to Manitou Springs residents. You can reach them at You may also call (800) 207-6618 ext. 71016 for any major concerns such as missed trashed, incorrect billing, etc.

Help Save the Bears!

GFL now offers bear-proof containers through its Bear Proof Container Program, which are required per city ordinance. Please note that GFL will only service containers purchased through the Bear Proof Container Program.