Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB)

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Password: 421823

Regular Meetings

PARAB meets every month, on the first Monday at 6:00p.m. The board meets over ZOOM and uploads their meeting recordings to YouTube afterwards.

If the 1st Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting will either be the following Monday or canceled. Please email the ADA Coordinator if you need special assistance attending a meeting. You may also call 719-685-2554.

Agendas & Minutes

  1. Gillian Rossi

    Parks and Recreation Director

  2. Roy Chaney

    Deputy City Administrator / Public Services Director

Member Name Position
Danu Fatt Chair
Timothy Bresnahan Vice Chair
Christina Grow Regular Member
Anthony Lane Regular Member
Rebecca Wood Regular Member
Colin McAllister Regular Member
David Crawford Regular Member
Jan Johnson Alternate Member
Candace Craig Alternate Member
vacant Alternate Member
Michelle Whetherhult City Council Liaison
Gillian Rossi Staff Liaison - Parks and Recreation Director
Roy Chaney Staff Liaison - Deputy City Administrator / Public Services Director

City Council appoints members to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. To apply for an appointment, send an Application for Board Membership, a letter of interest, and a resume and/or statement of qualifications to the City Clerk.

Moasic with Flowers and BirdMission Statement

The mission of the Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) is to ensure day-to-day procedures that protect and maintain the natural environment of our parks using best practices that support a resilient and sustainable system that is welcoming, clean, and safe. PARAB will engage and educate the public by supporting dynamic, healthy, and diverse activities while stewarding the natural resources that are the foundation of the parks.

Vision Statement

Manitou Springs' park and recreation will connect people and the natural environment for the health and well being of all.

PARAB Parks & Trail Map

The Parks (PDF) and Trails (PDF) of Manitou Springs provide a link with the town's past, accentuate the beauty of its natural setting and afford a multitude of leisure-time activities for residents and visitors alike.

Manitou Springs has many parks and trails. Check out the OpenStreetMap which details parks, trails, mineral springs, and more. Zoom in and see details or zoom out to see the whole area

Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan (POST)

In 2016, City Council adopted the Parks, Open Space and Trails Mast Plan, also referred to as the POST plan.  This Master Plan is Manitou Springs’ first ever consolidated plan for parks, open space, and trails, and it is intended to update and replace the city’s 1997 Open Space Plan, as well as update parks, trails, and open space information contained in the Rainbow Vision Plan 2000 and the Manitou Springs Forward – A Vision & Planning Guide 2012 

Click here to view the POST.

Standard Operating Procedures & Policies

Click here to view PARAB's Standard Operating Procedures.

Click here to view the City of Manitou Springs' Organic Land Management (OLM) Policy.

Park Memorial Policy and Application

Memorials are a celebration of the individual and an amenity donated to enhance City parks for all citizens. They are not intended to serve as a gravestone, which lists birth and death dates.   Messages associated with memorials must relate solely to the individual being memorialized, and may not communicate any message unrelated to that individual.  The only types of memorials permitted in City parks are benches, trees, and artwork memorializing an individual who has lived or currently lived in Manitou Springs.  

Click here to view the entire policy and to download the application.  

For any questions regarding the application, please contact the City Clerk.

Please review the memorial request policy in its entirety before completing an application. Submit the completed application and $30 application fee to the City Clerk at 606 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, CO  80829.  

PARAB Grant Program

PARAB awards up to $500 to individuals and up to $1,000 to groups for local projects, leisure activities and recreational opportunities. Learn more and apply now.