Natalie Johnson

A portrait photo of Natalie Johnson with the Colorado Flag in the background.

Council Member, Ward 1

Phone: 719-200-1272
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Term expires: January 6, 2026


Natalie Johnson believes in the power of community.  The Executive Director of the Manitou Art Center, she uses the creative industries to bolster the economic vitality of Manitou Springs.  She loves to talk about why she lives, works, and plays in her neighborhood.  

An active member of this community for eighteen years, she has lived in all three wards in Manitou Springs including: Ruxton Avenue, Downtown Manitou Avenue, Crystal Hills, and now--the eastern edge of Ward 1 for the last five years.  She has owned multiple properties (commercial and residential) and has rented them.  

She has worked in Manitou Springs at the Stagecoach and Blue Vervain, owned her own business in Downtown Manitou Springs (Black Cat Books), and has been the Director of several nonprofits in Manitou Springs.  

A longtime volunteer with MSSD14, she is currently on the Board of Education (November 2021).  

This combination of experiences allows her to identify with so many of our residents and business owners.  With that in mind, she believes that everyone does better when everyone does better.  She is pro-resident-business-environment-art-culture-wellness-fitness-mobility-education--and opportunity.

She intends to grow old here.  An investment in Manitou Springs now is an investment in her future. Natalie Johnson is committed.