Know How to Stay Safe

Evacuation Route Map

The Evacuation Route Map (PDF) should be utilized during your disaster preparedness. Note the City of Manitou Springs is divided into six evacuation zones. Each zone is color-coded. Locate your neighborhood on the map, know which evacuation zone your home or business is in, and note the evacuation route set for that zone. It is imperative to remember during flood evacuation, retreat to higher ground. Do not try to drive out of town in your vehicle; you could be trapped in your car, surrounded by rising water. Please evacuate on foot to higher ground.

Keep Safe & Healthy During Disaster Recovery

During recovery, your highest priority is your health and the health of your family. El Paso County Health Department has good information about avoiding sickness while you recover from flooding. View these helpful flyers:

If you own a food establishment damaged by the flood, view a comprehensive guide outlining the steps to take prior to reopening your establishment (PDF).


El Paso County also compiled a list of resource referrals available to citizens during times of need. Just call 211 from your home phone or 719-955-0742 from your cell to access Helping Hands-Colorado Springs Community Resources (PDF). Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers this fact sheet (PDF) for those assisting with your home or business cleanup.

Red Cross Focuses on Emotional Health Following a Disaster

  • Concerned parents can refer to Helping Children Cope With Disaster (PDF), which discusses age-specific common reactions children may exhibit following a disaster, how to talk with your kids about the event, and family preparedness before a disaster strikes.
  • Taking Care of Your Emotional Health After a Disaster (PDF) offers insight into possible symptoms of stress following an event, and the steps you can take to feel better.
  • The booklet Picking up the Pieces After A Disaster (PDF) is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to all facets of your recovery- emotional health, the recovery of your home and personal property, etc. The booklet also includes helpful contact information for the replacement of vital documents. 

For additional information, visit the Red Cross Website.

Flash Flood Preparedness Guide

Preparation is key to mitigating the dangers of flash flooding. View the flood preparedness guide (PDF) and read important information that will help you prepare for the upcoming rainy season.

Useful Safety Tips

  • Know if you are in the floodplain. Find out if you are in the floodplain.
  • Know your evacuation zone. Take a look at our Evacuation Route Map (PDF) and know where to go!
  • Is your cell phone your primary phone? Be sure to register your cellphone to receive Emergency Notification System notices. Call El Paso County Enhanced 911 Authority at 719-785-1900, or register online.
  • Get ideas on how to make an emergency plan and an emergency kit for your family, your work, and visitors. Visit READYColorado to help you formulate your emergency plans.
  • Get educated! An excellent resource for flood information can be found on the FEMA webpage.