Sewer Division

Experiencing a Sewer Backup?

Call us first! The problem may be with the City’s main sewer system.


(719) 685-2558 - 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

(719) 390-5555 - non-business hours and holidays

Sewer Maintenance

Residents of Manitou Springs are connected to the City of Manitou Springs’ sewer system. Public Works’ Sewer Division maintains the City’s sewer mains. Residents and business owners are responsible for maintenance of their private sewer service lines from the sewer main to the building structure. North Dakota State University (NDSU) created a brochure with a number of options to prevent sewer backflow into structures. We encourage all residents to read NDSU’s brochure (PDF).

Only Flush Toilet Paper (and Waste)

Even "flushable" items are not meant to be flushed. Doing so is bad for the environment, wastewater treatment, and our community!

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