Street Division


Road & Curb Repair

The Street Division repairs potholes, sunken roadway areas, and in certain instances curbs and gutters. Areas dangerous to pedestrians or vehicles should be reported to Public Works, 8 a.m. and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Street Cut/Excavation Permit

Per City Code Chapter 12.04, no alteration or change of any public street or its adjacent gutters, drains, driveways, sides, curbs or sidewalks shall be allowed without a permit being issued. View an application and instructions. Please note that submitted street cut requests must be approved by the Street Superintendent and this process can take up to two business days. 

Street Sweeping

From April through November, the Street Division sweeps busy arterial and collector streets an average of every ten days. Residential streets are swept an average of four times every ten days. Following snowstorms, the City sweeps sand and debris from arterial and collector streets as soon as possible. Minor collector and residential streets that have been sanded are swept every three weeks, weather permitting. 

For additional information, or to report an area that needs immediate attention, please contact Public Works, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m, Monday through Friday.


Snow Removal & Ice Control

Public Service’s snow removal priority is to first plow and sand the school bus routes once a snowstorm begins. After these streets are in an acceptable condition, the City starts plowing residential streets. View Snow Event Procedures (PDF).

During a snow emergency, our road crews work around the clock to clear roadways. You may not see plows and spreader trucks on secondary routes, as our crews are working to keep primary routes open. Typically, it will take up to eight hours to plow and sand Manitou’s streets during a heavy snow.

Resident Assistance

Please note that snowplowing operations will result in windrows blocking driveway entrances. Property owners are responsible for clearing snow from their driveway entrances and sidewalks within 24 hours of the snowstorm’s end.

The City of Manitou Springs requests that residents assist with snow removal in the following ways:

  • Snow should not be shoveled into a driveway or into the street, as this will require additional plowing. Rather, snow should be shoveled onto lawns or close to the curb.
  • In heavy snows, parking spaces should be sacrificed to pile snow.

These efforts will allow passage of emergency vehicles and other vehicular traffic.