Manitou Springs Police Department

The Manitou Springs Police Department (MSPD) typically handles more than 10,000 calls for service each year. Most involve routine matters, such as citizen assists and complaints, but others may involve assaults, thefts, and illegal drugs. The MSPD is a community-oriented policing agency that practices a proactive form of law enforcement, believing that preventing crime is top priority. 

The MSPD, comprising of a Chief of Police, an Administrative Sergeant, 2 Patrol Sergeants, 1 Detective, 12 Patrol Officers, 1 Code Enforcement Officer and 2 Civilians, serves 5200 residents in a 3-square mile area. Manitou’s population can triple daily during the tourist season, which runs from late spring to early fall.


Our Mission

The Mission of the Manitou Springs Police Department is to build and maintain a sense of safety and a high quality of life through exemplary customer service.

Our Vision

The Manitou Springs Police Department envisions itself as a professional, well trained department guided by our values to make the City of Manitou Springs a safe and enjoyable place to live, work and visit.

From the Chief of Police 

 Statement on Quality of Life:

Our focus on addressing social issues, through assistance and community support, which lead to crime will thereby reduce crime in the long term, lower fear of crime and enhance quality of life.

Our imperative is to provide our citizens with the highest possible level of service. Although our primary mission is to provide law enforcement services to the city, our officers are being called upon to build relationships throughout their service areas and aid the community in solving a multitude of challenges. Many of these challenges do not fall within the traditional role of policing, but our officers do not have the option to walk away from the responsibility. Giving our officers the ability to meet their community where the needs are will forward our goal of meeting our citizens where the needs are greatest and providing timely and meaningful solutions.

As we continue to shift our service paradigm, all members of the Manitou Springs Police Command Staff will continue to reinforce the positive aspects of assisting the community we serve with more than just law enforcement services. Our officers are on the front lines of many of the crises our citizens face, and by providing relief for the issues affecting them and their families, our officers can be at the forefront of problem solving. This holistic approach to policing will benefit our entire city.

Our Values


We uphold the public’s trust and maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral character.


We endeavor to always be truthful, sincere and fair.


We treat everyone with appropriate courtesy, value, and dignity.


We strive to be helpful, to be thorough, and to excel in our duties.

Memorandum of Understanding

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes 16-2.5-301. Peace officer-involved shooting investigations, the Manitou Springs Police Department has a Memorandum of Understanding in place with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to investigate major cases at the request of the Police Chief. The established Memorandum of Understanding incorporates an Officer involved shooting.