The Finance Department is a hub of activity which oversees the City budget and is currently staffed by four City employees:

  • Finance Director: Rebecca Davis heads the department and is responsible for cash management/investments, sales and use tax collection/enforcement, financial planning and the City’s budget. Ms. Davis also oversees accounting and financial reporting.
  • Deputy Finance Director: Nicole Ortega is responsible for employee payroll, employee benefits, 1099s, general accounting duties, maintaining general ledger accounts, analyzing and balancing general ledger accounts monthly.
  • Finance Tech: Joyce Jones is who you would turn to for questions about accounts payable/receivable, cash disbursements/receipts, and camping/lodging/excise/amusement tax.
  • Accounting Clerk: Amanda Robinson handles the City’s business licenses. Amanda is also the City’s Utility Clerk and can answer questions about setting up new water/sewer service or existing accounts.

Financial Reports