Drainage and flood control are one of the highest priorities of the City of Manitou Springs, and cleaning all of our 311 culverts, maintaining our three detention ponds, and providing continual flood mitigation to Williams Canyon are critical services that our Public Works Department provides to reduce the impact of heavy rains on the Manitou Springs community.

With the rising costs of inflation and construction, paired with the fact that Manitou Springs has limited room for development and population growth (due to the City being land locked), you will be noticing a $2 increase on your monthly Drainage / Flood Control Fee. This is the first Drainage / Flood Control Fee increase since 2018, and it is extremely important that it is implemented to help make the City’s Storm Drainage Fund sustainable. As you can see by the below graphic, with the costs of maintenance rising, the fund will need an increase in revenue to continue to operate at peak performance. You can view the budgeted financials for this fund in our 2023 Budget Book.

We thank you for your understanding while we continue to implement flood mitigation, preparedness, and resiliency practices in Manitou Springs.

A graph projecting that the fund balance for the storm drainage fund would reach $0 by 2027 as is.

Our Vision

We will provide a financially effective city government, through accurate fiscal analysis, and sound decision-making, while also maintaining transparency for our city officials, residents, and businesses. We will ensure that our utilities customers are provided with a seamless customer experience.


The Finance Department is a hub of activity which oversees the City budget and is currently staffed by four City employees:

  • Utilities/Business License Clerk: Kimberlee Gutierrez can answer questions about setting up new water/sewer service, existing accounts, and business licensing.
  • Accountant: Emily Wasson is responsible for payroll and who you would turn to for questions about accounts payable/receivable, cash disbursements/receipts, and camping/lodging/excise/amusement/sales/use tax.
  • Finance Supervisor: Nicole Ortega is responsible for 1099s, general accounting duties, maintaining general ledger accounts, analyzing and balancing general ledger accounts monthly.
  • Finance Director: Rebecca Davis heads the department and is responsible for cash management/investments, financial planning and the City’s budget. Ms. Davis also oversees accounting and financial reporting.

Financial Reports