Important Information Regarding Sewer Rates

Sewer rates for the remainder of the year are established in the March timeframe, with the January 15- February 15 meter read usage. You may notice an increase/decrease to the sewer rates on your water bill.

If there is a noticeable difference between your usage from January 15 – February 15, compared to your average usage, we will use your monthly average for the colder months to calculate the rate you will pay for the remainder of the year. This calculation method is used both for usage that we find to be too high, and too low.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Municipal Code 13.16.020

Our Vision

We will provide a financially effective city government, through accurate fiscal analysis, and sound decision-making, while also maintaining transparency for our city officials, residents, and businesses. We will ensure that our utilities customers are provided with a seamless customer experience.


The Finance Department is a hub of activity which oversees the City budget and is currently staffed by four City employees:

  • Utilities Clerk: Laila Sefiani can answer questions about setting up new water/sewer service or existing accounts. In addition to utilities, Laila can answer questions about the City's business licensing.
  • Finance Tech: Joyce Jones is who you would turn to for questions about accounts payable/receivable, cash disbursements/receipts, and camping/lodging/excise/amusement/sales/use tax.
  • Deputy Finance Director: Nicole Ortega is responsible for employee payroll, employee benefits, 1099s, general accounting duties, maintaining general ledger accounts, analyzing and balancing general ledger accounts monthly.
  • Finance Director: Rebecca Davis heads the department and is responsible for cash management/investments, financial planning and the City’s budget. Ms. Davis also oversees accounting and financial reporting.

Financial Reports