City HallOrdinances approved by City Council after a public hearing and 2nd reading are codified into the Municipal CodeExternal link. Following are links to select ordinances which may be of interest and use to Manitou Springs residents. 

All documents are in pdf form, unless otherwise indicated.

Chapter 3.12.434--Garage sales

Chapter 6.08--Nuisances (accumulation, derelict structures, dog waste, dumping, emission of noxious gases)

Chapter 6.08.020--Unnecessary sound prohibited

Chapter 7.04.090--Noisy animals

Chapter 7.08.030--Dog at large (leash law)

Chapter 9.40.010--Posting of handbills, signs, posters, advertisements

Chapter 10.04.065--Bikes, scooters, skateboards prohibited on sidewalks

Chapter 12.16.000--Cleaning and repair of sidewalks, curbs and/or gutter

Chapter 12.16.010--Accumulation of snow or debris on sidewalks