Those of us who live in Manitou Springs are drawn here for many reasons. An unknown impassioned writer in the late 1800's put it well:

No resort in the Alps of Switzerland or in the highlands of Scotland can compare with Manitou. It is the embodiment of a poet's dream, the tangible existence of the artist's fancy. In imperial grandeur Pikes Peak stands sentinel over a vale which rivals the fairest ones in imagery painted of Cashmere or Cathay.

Go where you will, wander where you may, you will find no spot on earth so fascinating as Manitou. The moon sheds a new and softer luster over its foliage, the sun's rays are ever thoughtful of its delicate beauty, the skies have a bluer hue and the stars grouped above its head are more numerous and brighter than elsewhere.

The Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Canon, the caves and caverns—all wonderful creations—are part of its surrounding. For health, recreation, repose and inspiration there is no place equal to Manitou. The hotels are excellent, the drives magnificent, the scenery unsurpassed, the air exhilarating, the society the best.

View of Manitou Springs Looking EastI think we citizens can all agree with at least some of what the writer was trying to express and we are fortunate to have so many citizens who volunteer their time and effort to make Manitou Springs a better place to live. Even this website was developed through the time and effort of citizens.

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