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Report Code Violation

Please note that if you have an emergency situation, dial 911. Otherwise, please click on the link below to report a code violation to the City.

Report a Violation

Please note that all animal related violations are handled by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. Please contact them at: 719-473-1741.


- If you accept the disclaimer, click on "Accept Disclaimer" to advance.
- If you would like to log-in, or need assistance with the program, click the three bars in the upper left hand corner. Otherwise;
- Enter the address of the violation in the upper right corner, or click the map in the general area of the violation (the more specific the better).
- Click on the button "Create Work Request"
- A drop down menu titled "Select Issue" will appear, select the issue you would like to report and provide a short description of the problem.
- Lastly, click "Send Now" and the report will be sent to the City Code Enforcement Officer.

Please note that if you login or create a new account and provide an email address, you will be emailed a link to allow you to track the progress of the reported violation. This is not required to report a violation, but it is an offered convenience.

Useful Information:

Please consult the links below regarding common issues.

- Animals
- Noxious Weeds
- Popular Ordinances (topics below):
        - Garage Sales
        - Nuisances
        - Sound
        - Signs/advertisements
        - Use of bikes, scooters, & skateboards on sidewalks
        - Sidewalk repair and snow on sidewalk







Code Enforcement Officer:
Cy Cushenberry



If you are having difficulties with the online reporting system, please report the problem to Diane Goodboe by sending her an email at