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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a proposed budget has been presented to the Manitou Springs City Council.  There will be budget worksessions and a public hearing before final adoption of the budget.  Any interested elector of Manitou Springs may inspect the proposed budget and file or register any objections thereto at any time prior to final adoption.  Click here to view the Notice of Budget in its entirety.


This section contains the City's official public notice for pending and recently adopted ordinances. All links are PDFs. For those without Internet access, the full text of ordinances is available in the city clerk's office at 606 Manitou Avenue.

FYI: Ordinances must be voted on twice before they go into effect. Ever wonder what the Ordinance number means? It's simply a count of the ordinances in any given year. So Ordinance No. 0112 is the first ordinance of 2012.   

2112 Ordinances

Passed and Adopted

ORD 2112 (Storm Drainage Fee)
ORD 2012
(Adopt Budget)  Exhibit A (Budget)
ORD 1912 (General Tax Levy)
ORD 1812 (Municipal Court Surcharge)
ORD 1712 (Lease Purchase Agreement)   Exhibit A
ORD 1612 (Amend PAB Board Membership)
ORD 1512
(Rezone 514 El Paso Blvd)
ORD 1412
(Parking Regulations)
ORD 1312
(Appropriation Ordinance)
ORD 1212
(City Facility Permit)
ORD 1112 (Rezone 514 El Paso Blvd)     Exhibit
ORD 1012
 (Building Code)
ORD 0912 (Jury Pool Selection)
ORD 0812 (Adopt Vision Plan)
ORD 0712 (Obtain Flood Insurance)
ORD 0612
(Delivery Vehicles on Manitou Avenue)
ORD 0512
(Rezone 16 Sunrise HLDR to LDR)
ORD 0412 (Amend Zoning Code)
ORD 0312 (Amend Zoning Code)
ORD 0212 (Winter Street-One Way)  
ORD 0112 (Water & Sewer Rates)

2011 Ordinances