Manitou Springs Municipal Code
Municipal Code
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This section contains the City's official public notice for pending and recently adopted ordinances. All links are PDFs. For those without Internet access, the full text of ordinances is available in the city clerk's office at 606 Manitou Avenue.

FYI: Ordinances must be voted on twice before they go into effect. Ever wonder what the Ordinace number means? It's simply a count of the ordinances in any given year. So Ordinance No. 1811 is the 18th ordinance of 2011.

2011 Ordinances (Passed and Adopted)

ORD 2511 (Lease Purchase Agreement)
ORD 2411 (Budget FY2012)
ORD 2311 (Establish Mill Levy)
ORD 2211 (Amend BID Ordinance)
ORD 2111 (Youth Access to Tobacco Products)
ORD 2011 (Non-cigarette Tobacco Products Licensing)
ORD 1911 (Vacation of Otter and Unnamed ROW)
ORD 1811 (Ordinance Publication Requirements)
ORD 1711 (Amend Code Establishing Watershed District)
ORD 1611 (Adopt 2011 PPR Building Code)
ORD 1511 (Amend Budget)
ORD 1411 (Repeal and Re-Enactment of Chapter 13.28 Water Restrictions)
ORD 1311 (City Administrator Powers)
ORD 1211 (Amending Personnel Manual)
ORD 1111 (Amend HPC Regs)
ORD 1011 (Vacating Easement)
ORD 0911 (Adopt Parking Color Designations)
ORD 0811 (Cedar Path Vacation) 
ORD 0611 (Modify Liquor Premises)
ORD 0511 (Remove Ruxton Regulations)
ORD 0411 (Amend Liquor Code)
ORD 0311 (Marijuana Code)
ORD 0211 (Roll-off Dumpster Code)
ORD 0111 (Parking Enforcement Area)

Failed and Not Adopted

ORD 0711 (Energy Performance Contract)