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Request for Proposal

Geneva Trail Guardrail Project

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking construction bids for the Geneva Trail Guardrail Project. To review the Geneva Trail Guardrail Project RFP, click the link.

Box Culvert Sediment Clearing

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking construction bids for the sediment clearing of the City's 1,080' long, 7X7 box culvert under Canon Avenue. To view the Box Culvert Sediment Clearing RFP please click the link.

Wildcat Gulch Design-Build Project

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking bids from qualified engineering firms for the Wildcat Gulch Design-Build Project. To learn more about the Wildcat Gulch Project please review the following materials: Wildcat Gulch Design-Build Notice, Wildcat Gulch Design-Build RFP, Wildcat Gulch Design-Build Plan Set.
Addendum 1: Wildcat Gulch Addendum 1, Wildcat Gulch Erosion Control Plan, Wildcat Gulch Drainage Report, Wildcat Gulch BMP Inspection and Maintenance Plan.
Addendum 2: Wildcat Gulch Addendum 2.

Mansion's Park Wall Project

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking bids for the Mansion's Park Wall Project. For more information on the Mansion's Park Wall Project, please review the RFP here, and the final plans here.

2015 Overlay Project:

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking bids on the 2015 Overlay Project. For more information on the Overlay Project, click here.

Structural Engineering Services for Damage Assessments

The City of Manitou Springs is seeking qualified structural engineering services for damage assessments on 25 historic arch bridges and other concrete structures that may have been damaged in the May storm event. For more information on the structural engineering services for damage assessments, click here.

Manitou Springs Carnegie Library Project

The City of Manitou Springs is requesting proposals for the Manitou Springs Carnegie Library Expansion and Interior Remodel/Rehabilitation Project. To review the Library Project, please click here.
Project Addendum 1: Project Addendum 1

Mineral Springs Aquifer Study

The City of Manitou Springs is issuing a Request for Proposals for the expansion of its current aquifer monitoring program which will include the construction of a new monitoring well, installation of crest-stage gages, sampling/monitoring field services and the completion of a monitoring manual. For more information, please click here.


This section contains the City's official public notice for pending and recently adopted ordinances. All links are PDFs. For those without Internet access, the full text of ordinances is available in the city clerk's office at 606 Manitou Avenue.

FYI: Ordinances must be voted on twice before they go into effect. Ever wonder what the Ordinance number means? It's simply a count of the ordinances in any given year. So Ordinance No. 0313 is the third ordinance of 2013.   

2015 Ordinances

Passed First Reading and Set for Public Hearing

ORD 3715 (Amend Personnel Manual)

Passed and Adopted

ORD 3615 (Retail Marijuana Tax)
ORD 3515 (Amended Budget)
ORD 3415
(Moratorium on Water Refunds)
ORD 3315
(City Charter Ballot Questions)
ORD 2915
(Personnel Manual Amendment) Exhibits
ORD 2815 (Personnel Code Amendment)
ORD 2715 (Sign Ordinance)
ORD 2615 (Telecommunications Facilities)
ORD 2315
(Lodging Zoning)
ORD 2215 (Define Driveways)
ORD 2115 (Parking in Front of Driveways)
ORD 2015 (Zoning Variances)
ORD 1915 (Residential Density)
ORD 1815 (Traffic Studies)
ORD 1615
(Model Traffic Code)
ORD 1515
(Approve Lease Purchase)
ORD 1315 (Commercial Storage Setbacks) 
ORD 1215 (Vacation Rental Moratorium)
ORD 1015
(Procurement Regulations)
ORD 0915
(Amend Zoning Code-Wheeler Springs)
ORD 0815 (Amend Zoning Code-Soda Springs)
ORD 0715 (Easement Vacation-56 Park Avenue)  Exhibits
ORD 0615
(Vacating Utility Easement) Exhibits
ORD 0515
 (Amend Zoning Code-Shoshone Spring)
ORD 0415 (Amend Zoning Code-Schryver Park and Pool)
ORD 0315 (Amend Zoning Code-Cheyenne Spring)
ORD 0215 (Fee Structure Update)
ORD 0115 (Duplicative Insurance Repeal)

Postponed/No Action Taken

ORD 3215 (Loading Zone) - NO ACTION TAKEN
ORD 3115
(Parking Permit Program) - POSTPONED
ORD 3015
(Police Manual Amendment) - NO ACTION TAKEN
ORD 1715 (Telecommunications Substantial Change) - POSTPONED
ORD 1415 (Adopting IPMC 2012) - NO ACTION TAKEN
ORD 1115 (Mineral Springs Advisory Board) - POSTPONED


ORD 2515 (Retail MJ Hours)
ORD 2415 (Retail MJ Tax Refund)


2014 Ordinances

2013 Ordinances

2012 Ordinances

2011 Ordinances