Program Description Document


Per The State of Colorado’s MS4 permit the City of Manitou Springs operates under, the permittee must develop and maintain records in the form of a Program Description Document (PDD). This PDD is publicly available for review and comment through the Stormwater office. Please contact Mike Essam at 685-2584, or for further information.



Help Stop the Pollution of Our Streams!

To report illegal dumping or contaminants in a storm drain system contact:

Manitou Stormwater Division at (719) 685-2558 or after hours call the police at (719) 685-5407 or e-mail us at

There's a Fish on Your Street!

No Dumping Symbol No Dumping Symbol

These storm drain markers are being affixed next to the storm drains to remind people that the drains flow to the creek and that dumping will effect aquatic life and degrade water quality.


Water runs downhill. Water picks up everything. Water flows to our rivers, streams, and creeks. Do your part to keep our water clean! Dumping liquid or solid waste into a storm drain or creek is a crime! If you see illegal dumping, report it!



Where Does Pollution Come From?

It comes from all of us!!! Many things contribute to stormwater pollution:

  • Leftover paint
  • Motor oil
  • Lawn fertilizers and pesticides
  • Yard waste (grass clippings)
  • Pet waste
  • Oil leaks on streets and parking lots
  • Sediment from construction sites

Rainwater and snowmelt pick up all these pollutants and carry them downstream to our creeks, lakes, rivers, and eventually to our oceans. Each year this runoff pollution adds up to more pollution than industry creates in a year. Manitou Springs residents enjoy pristine water from our own watershed on Pikes Peak. We are first time users of the water we drink and use every day, Think about all the people downstream from us; their water contains any pollutants we add before it reaches them.


Top 9 Things You Can Do to Help

It’s Simple... Dump nothing down the storm drain that you wouldn’t drink or swim in!!!
  1. Use organic fertilizer on lawns
  2. Minimize use of pesticides
  3. Use garden trimmings for compost.
  4. Recycle used oil. You can take your used oil to 3255 Akers Drive in Colorado Springs or your local auto parts store.
  5. Wash your car at a commercial carwash that recycles and treats the water, or wash it on your lawn. Do not wash your car in your driveway or on the street where the chemicals will run into the storm drain.
  6. Pick up pet wastes
  7. Don’t litter
  8. Keep all yard and landscaping materials such as soil, gravel, leaves and rocks off the streets. This way they can’t wash down the storm drain when it rains.
  9. Take your leftover paints and pesticides to the El Paso County Household Chemical Waste Collection Facility. Call 520-7878 for an appointment.


Dispose of Hazardous Waste Properly!

WHERE: Household Hazardous Waste FacilityExternal link
3255 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, call 520-7878 for an appointment.
WHEN: Monday-Thursday: 7am-5pm; 2nd Saturday each month: 9am-1pm
WHO: Free to El Paso and Teller County residents ONLY. A donation of nonperishable food items for Care & Share is encouraged. 

El Paso County Hazardous Waste Drop & Swap Program
Many products brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility are still usable so, in keeping with the spirit of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” a Drop & Swap Program was developed to offer these products to the public. Any citizen of El Paso or Teller County over the age of 18 can take any of the products offered on the Drop & Swap shelves. All products are FREE. While every effort is made to offer only clean, usable products we CANNOT GUARANTEE the integrity, safety, usability, or effectiveness of the products you take. If you take products from the Drop & Swap shelves, you do so at your own risk and you must sign a Release Form.

Facts you should know before you build

Manitou Springs Drain Construction


Flood Damage Information

Storm damage flooding from intense thunderstorms or snowmelt conditions can occur at any time of the year but particularly in the spring. If you have experienced flood damage to your property the following measures are suggested; however, they should not be considered all-inclusive:

  • Contact your insurance agent to verify insurance coverage of the damages incurred. Unless there are special circumstances, flooding from external sources is usually not covered by most homeowner policies.
  • Check for structural damage prior to entering a building. Upon entering a building, do not use an open flame. Verify that the gas and electric utility lines are shut off; do not enter flooded areas unless all gas and electric lines have been disconnected.
  • Cover broken windows or holes in the roof to prevent further damage. 
  • Commence immediate cleanup to reduce health hazards.
  • Use only purified or bottled water.
  • Wood furniture should be air-dried and kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Remove debris before it has a chance to dry.
  • Flooded basements should be drained and cleaned after floodwaters have subsided. Pumping out basements should be done at moderate rates to avoid wall failures.


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We Need your Help!

Manitou Springs M.E.C.A.

If you would like to volunteer your time and skills to help with our projects, you can email L'Aura Montgomery at or call 719-331-1115. You can also make a financial contribution through the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.
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