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Manitou Springs was selected to participate in a pilot project managed by  the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) to update the City’s zoning code and subdivision regulations to reduce the City’s risk to key natural hazards: wildfire, flood, and geologic. This project will help implement actions from Plan Manitou, the City’s integrated master plan – hazard mitigation plan.

Planning staff is working with DOLA staff and a consulting team led by Clarion Associates, with support from Acclivity Associates, to facilitate this project. The project extends from April 2017 through June 2018. A working group that includes City staff and stakeholders was convened to guide the direction of hte project in Manitou Springs and review work products at each stage of the process. In June, the working group reviewed possible ideas for zoning and other land use tools. The group discussed important criteria, such as the ability to reduce risk, alignment with community goals, and staff capacity, and selected four priority tools for reducing the City’s natural hazard risk. The team is currently carefully reviewing the City's existing zoning and subdivision regulations and considering how to update and improve those regulations to reduce risk, which will be documented in an assessment memorandum. Then, the team will clarify the scope and function of each tool; draft updates to the City's zoning and subdivision regulations; revise those drafts based community on feedback; and prepare a final draft for adoption. Staff and team prepared a Community Engagement strategy that includes a survey to obtain early stakeholder feedback; email updates to solicit comments on drafts; meetings with groups and individuals on request; and joint work sessions with Council and Planning Commission at each phase.

Project Schedule
Here is a draft schedule; some dates may be subject to change.

- November 28: Workgroup Meeting #3. Joint Council/Planning Commission work session.
- April 2018: Round 1 draft code updates
- May 2018: Round 2 code updates
- Mid-May 2018: Presentation of adoption draft to Planning Commission for recommendation
- Late-May 2018: Council review, first reading
- June 2018: Council review, second reading

Planning For Hazards Work Group

Work products

- First Draft Code Updates 4/11/2018
     - Staff Overview Memo: Proposed Updates 4/13/18
     - Clarion Transmittal Memo
     - Ch. 16 Subdivision - Public Draft
     - Ch. 16 Subdivision - Public Draft Tracked
     - Ch. 18 Zoning - Public Draft
     - Ch. 18 Zoning - Public Draft Tracked

07/27/17 Memo on priority planning tools (pdf)
- 11/20/17 Memorandum: Guidance for Updates to City's Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Work Group Summaries

- 5/2/2017 Planning for Hazards Work Group Meeting Summary
- 7/14/2017 Planning for Hazards Work Group Meeting Summary

Planning for Hazards Work Group Members

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Project Information Sheet
Planning for Hazards Pilot Project 2018

Community Engagement Strategy
12/18/17 Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Stakeholder Surveys

Planning for Hazards Survey: May 2018

Summary of Comments, Questions, and Responses

Stakeholder Comments and Responses 3/6/18


Fiscal Impact Information 

Fiscal Impact Information: May 2018



August 28, 2018: Joint City Council/Planning Commission Work Session

January 11, 2018: Open House - Project Approach

April 25, 2018: Planning Commission - First Draft Code Updates 

Have questions about this project? Please contact City Planning staff at or 719-685-2559                                

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