The Planning Department is your starting point for any property improvement in Manitou Springs. Below are links to forms, submittal instructions and other information that you might need in preparing your application.


Property Improvement Permit Form (pdf)

Use this form if you are doing the following type of work: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, fenceretaining wall*, siding, stucco, window/door installation, glass replacement, shed or storage building*, furnace or boiler, air conditioning, water heater, deck*, roofing, gazebo*, interior remodel, hot tub, fireplace, wood stove, etc.

NOTE: Exterior changes to buildings in the Historic District (pdf) require prior approval. Please contact us before making any exterior changes.

*Fence, retaining wall, deck, shed, gazebo, etc. require a site plan in order to confirm setbacks and to make sure that the improvement is on your property. Site plans must be to-scale and can be on paper up to 11"x17". More extensive construction such as an addition or garage requires 2 sets of plans - one for the City of Manitou Springs Planning Department to keep, the other to take to PPRBDExternal link for permitting.

 Rolls of plans


Credit Card Authorization Form (pdf)


Application Fees (pdf)  *New Fee Schedule


Application - Administrative Review Form (pdf)

Use this form if you are applying for Administrative Development Review, Waiver of Replat (for platted or unplatted lands), Grading Permit (major or minor), HLDR Site Development Plan Review, MCAC Staff Review or a Sign Permit (regular or temporary).


Application - Development Review Form (pdf)

Use this form if you are applying for a Conditional Use Permit, MCAC (exterior changes/remodel/new construction/demolition in the Historic District (pdf), Historic District designation, property designation, state tax credits), Subdivision (minor, major or waiver), Plat (preliminary/final), Variance (setback, height, sign, parking, lot size/density, floodplain), Rezone, Vacation (plat, ROW, easement), Minor/Major Development, Appeal, Annexation or Master Plan.


Stormwater Management Plan (pdf 2MB)

All ground-disturbing projects require a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) prior to project commencement. Go to the Stormwater page for more information.

Water/Sewer Connection Application (pdf)

New construction usually requires a new water/sewer connection to the main. Fill out this form and submit it to the Planning Department in order to get the process started.

Colorado Geological Survey

The Colorado Geological Survey is part of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and is the reviewing entity for geohazard and slope stability analysis. Go to their website for document requirements.

Watershed District Ordinance (pdf)

           Watershed District Permit Application (pdf)


Submittal Schedules (pdf)


Submittal Packets (pdf)

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