November 7, 2017 Candidates

ALL candidates were invited to submit information about themselves to be posted on this webpage; not all candidates chose to do so. The candidates are listed in the order that they will appear on the ballot.

-- -- -- -- -- -- CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR -- -- -- -- -- --

Nicole Nicoletta

Nicole Nicoletta is the Mayor of Manitou Springs, College Professor and small business owner. Nicole is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a Masters Degree in Sociology. Certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Nicole has trained school employees, Military officials, and nonprofit organizations on how to assess and approach mental health concerns in youth ages 6 to 23.  Nicole is a member of the Kiwanis Club, supporter of the American Legion and Transition Town Manitou. Co-founder of the Manitou Springs Community Pantry, Nicole has mobilized volunteers and provided supplemental groceries to Manitou’s most vulnerable population for nearly 4 years. Nicole works with MSSD 14 on a regular basis with projects such as the Askable Adult Program and Design Manitou, the 8th Grade Civics Class entrusted with moving Plan Manitou action items forward. Goodwill Industries has recruited Nicole on numerous occasions to present as a keynote speaker for public and private events. Additional presentations include the Colorado Municipal League Mayors Summit, Colorado Creative Industries annual conference, United States Air Force Academy, Waldo Canyon Fire Commemoration, and a variety of speaking engagements through her work as a college professor, including the National and International Urban and Small Farm Conference in Milwaukee, WI. Nicole actively represents Manitou Springs on the Board of Directors for the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.

Current and upcoming projects for Mayor Nicoletta include: managing Municipal Parking while maintaining the historical nature of our community, continue efforts with CDOT and Mt. Metro to achieve maximum efficiency and safety for Route 3, facilitate round tables with regional partners to address increasing numbers on the Incline and surrounding trails, develop policy that addresses economic development and housing, maintain and strengthen collaborative relationships with regional and state partners, continue to prepare for disasters in innovative ways, support the implementation of AARP’s Age Friendly Program.

As Mayor, Nicole has been available to all people. Constituents reach out to Nicole on a regular basis for support or guidance on City matters including letters of endorsement for our official designations as a Creative District and Economic Enterprise Zone. Local non-profits such as Cool Science and Poetry and Pottery performing in downtown parks are in part a result of Nicole’s engagement with citizens. When it was called for, Nicole was tough on crime in the downtown district and throughout the City, improving the environment for businesses, locals, tourists and travelers, while maintaining Manitou’s historic and eclectic nature. Initiatives under Nicole’s leadership include: Employee of the Month Program, special committee for City wide compost system, improved agenda setting process, a two year process to establish standard operating procedures for Advisory Boards, monthly Coffee with the Mayor, weekly Ask the Mayor column, town hall meetings to address City matters such as panhandling, social services, suicide prevention, and economic development. Nicole stands behind City staff implementing a variety of measures that let staff and volunteers know that their commitment to the community is appreciated, respected, and worth fighting for.

Successful leadership is built on relationships; Nicole is committed to open communication, empowering others, and rebuilding trust in government. Nicole is a solid leader for this fantastically evolving City.  

                        -- -- -- -- -- -- CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR -- -- -- -- -- --

Ken Jaray

I believe our community is at a crossroads. We have weathered the challenges of fires and flood and are ready to move on, grounded in our deep community values. Those values call for meaningful opportunities for community engagement, transparency, and inclusion, all critical elements of a strong and connected community.

Building on my 39 years of service to our community, I look forward to working with other City Council members, City staff, and community members, to protect and preserve our natural resources, historic assets, and neighborhoods. I will encourage a healthy balance between the many benefits of visitors, and visitor impacts. I will continue to support local businesses and our school district. These efforts will take collaboration, innovation, and creativity – qualities I know our community and City staff both possess. As Mayor, I will lead these efforts and focus on three primary areas:

Ensure community safety, sound infrastructure, & open & accountable government:

       1. Provide good roads, well-maintained trails, reliable infrastructure, & manage traffic                  congestion.

     2.  Commit to ensuring that all citizens will be heard, respected, and valued

     3.  Facilitate transparency and community participation to align City spending with our                  community values

     4.  Set the tone and direction to provide clear expectations, allocate resources, and                      provide administrative oversight of City staff

Provide a high quality of life for all residents:

    1.  Preserve and protect our natural resources and historic assets 

      2.  Create and preserve sustainable long-term housing

      3.  Encourage the production and use of local goods and services

Manage our visitor impacts & experiences:

    1.  Lead the effort to manage our visitor impacts and experiences on a daily basis

      2.  Improve pedestrian access to the Incline & shuttle services as needed

      3.  Support programs, activities, and events that highlight our history and culture as  
           as a place for health, healing, and well-being.

Over 39 years, here’s what I’ve done to help our community:

Protected our environment

  • Founding member, President & supporter, Mineral Springs Foundation (1997-present)
  • Facilitated the organization of the Fountain Creek Restoration Project (2007-present)
  • Organized residents to help create the Friends of Ruxton Canyon (2015)
  • Tree planting in and around Manitou Springs for over 30 years
  • Corp of Engineer Consulting Party & RFP selection committee for Brook Street Bridge, (2017)
  • Organizer of Waterfest (2007 and 2016)

Forged a more collaborative & inclusive city

  • Co-facilitated the Manitou Springs Forward Vision and Planning Guide (2011-2012)
  • Sustaining member, Manitou Springs Collaborative (2012-present)
  • Received the 2016 Manni - Visionary Leadership Award
  • Facilitator of the Peak Living Project & Peak Living Community Foundation (2011-present)

Supported our youth

  • Served on D14 Board of Education (1997-2001)
  • Helped develop the Manitou Springs Education Foundation (2000-2004) & the Manitou Springs Restorative Justice Council (1999-present)
  • Mentor, Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (2016-present), Peak Startup (2014-present)

Assisted local business

  • Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (2011-2014)
  • Active angel investor and participant in local venture capital fund (2012-present)

Advocated for reforming our justice system and the use of alternative dispute resolution

  • Civil trial lawyer representing injury victims (1979–2014)
  • Manitou Springs City Attorney (1981-1984)
  • Mediator and arbiter for over 2000 civil & criminal disputes (1978-2014)

                        -- -- -- -- -- -- WARD 1 CANDIDATE -- -- -- -- -- --

Susan Wolbrueck
- No Candidate Biography Available


-- -- -- -- -- -- WARD 2 CANDIDATE -- -- -- -- -- --

Nancy Fortuin


I love Manitou Springs.  I love the diversity, the welcoming nature, the willingness of the City and its residents to take risks and support good causes, the beauty of the natural environment, the history, the art, the emphasis on health, and especially the people who actively work to make this such a wonderful community.

In 2009, I moved from Virginia to become Deputy Command Surgeon for NORAD/Northern Command knowing it would be my last tour after 33 years in uniform.  During the last 10 years I worked primarily on strategy, policy and resourcing. 

I bought a home in on Crystal Hills Boulevard in Manitou Springs and upon my retirement, began to immerse myself in this community beginning with my appointment to the Open Space Advisory Committee (four years later I became its chair). 

I served on the board of Concrete Couch as well as on the Task Force established to write the strategic plan for the Manitou Springs Creative Arts District.  I’m a member of the Manitou Springs Bear Smart Committee, was appointed to the El Paso County Strategic Planning Committee for Parks, Trails and Open Space, and served for several years on the Incline Oversight Committee.

Although my experience working at the municipal level is limited, I believe I come to the table with a strong foundation upon which to build.

As idyllic as Manitou may be, no City is devoid of challenges.  A major issue I believe Manitou faces is the strained relationships and lack of trust between some on City Staff, City Council and residents as evidenced by the belabored Brook Street Bridge decision and the recent exodus of so many city staff members. 

Restoring trust through organizational effectiveness techniques and improved communication would be a top priority for me.  Another priority is to set a clear strategy for both capital improvements and deferred maintenance. 

Of course the crowded nature of our City’s streets is always near the top of everyone’s list of issues.  Many have tended to see parking as both the problem and the solution.  I’d like to put more emphasis on how people are moved around our city with a priority to further reduce barriers and increase incentives to make our city more walkable. 

Lastly, our parks, open spaces and trails would remain a priority for me.  They are jewels in our city that deserve more official attention than they often get. 

In addition to City Charter and code, existing, community vetted plans, such as Plan Manitou, and the Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan, would serve as my blueprint for governance.  Recognizing and honoring the balance between residents and tourists, businesses and traffic, safety and beauty, environment and infrastructure, and downtown and neighborhoods would be foremost in my mind. 

Additionally, I would take full advantage of the citizens and volunteers who bring such amazing skill sets to bear in support of our City.  

Lastly, I’d like to thank those Council members whose terms are drawing down.  I have watched them struggle with difficult issues knowing they would be unpopular.  I may not have always agreed with their decisions but I have the utmost respect for the untold hours of difficult preparation and deliberations they’ve invested in this City.  Their willingness to serve has been an inspiration.

I look forward to learning more about Ward 2 and the people who live here!  For anyone who wants to proactively contact me, my email is

                  -- -- -- -- -- -- WARD 3 CANDIDATE -- -- -- -- -- --

Bob Todd


In the 1800’s a French diplomat and philosopher stated “every nation gets the government it deserves”.

We who live in Manitou Springs know how fortunate we are to call this place home.  It is our imperative and responsibility to ensure that we have a government that we trust and respect.  We deserve no less.  How can you and I contribute to our expectation that our government is trustworthy and respects our opinions? 

May I answer that by suggesting during this election cycle please educate yourself and discuss with others the four main ballot choices:

  • Selection of Mayor
  • Whether or not to support a Fire Department initiated $7 million increase in Manitou property taxes over a twenty year term to fund a multi-purpose facility.
  • Whether or not to support a CountyCommissioners initiative to allocate $10M of current County property taxes over two year erm to fund widening of orthbound I-25, if that project becomes a reality.
  • Whether or not Manitou Springs should have local authority to enter into agreements with industry experts to implement and maintain advanced high speed (nternet communications to serve our entire community.

Please participate, and please VOTE!


In my opinion City Council has the responsibility and accountability to: 

  • Advance and uphold community values
  • Initiate and enroll residents in a shared community vision
  • Provide for the public safety and general welfare
  • Ensure financial sustainability through prioritized budgets and capital plans
  • Oversee city staff priorities, performance and recognition including salary and benefits   
  • Perform quasi-judicial and legislative duties
  • Advocate for constituents

Of these the most strategic are focusing on values and vision.  If the Council, Staff and Citizens are in alignment with one another, everything else will take care of itself.  Please consider this in your choices.


I am running on my proven track record as a Councilman of our City with a commitment to continuous improvement in serving as an elected representative of the people.  If you would like more specifics on my platform and background please email me at providing your postal address.

I would be glad to arrange for you to receive a free Manitou green and gold bookmark embossed with my platform and background details.  

Thank you for your consideration.