The Manitou Springs City Council is composed of 7 members. The Mayor serves a 2-year term while the other 6 Councilmembers serve overlapping 4-year terms. All 7 members are elected by the citizens. All Manitou Springs residents vote for the Mayor and the 3 At- Large Councilmembers. Only residents living within a Ward can vote for that Ward's Councilmember. If a Councilmember resigns or is unable to continue in office, the City Council appoints a replacement member for the duration of the uncompleted term or until the next regular election. City Councilmembers also serve as liaisons to various City departments, boards and commissions, and other local and regional agencies. Click to view 2017 Council Liaison Appointments

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 Ken Jaray, Mayor
       Ken Jaray
   Expires: 01/07/2020

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        Gary L. Smith                             Becky Elder                              Jay Rohrer
          At-Large                                    At-Large                                   At-Large
      Expires: 01/07/2020                              Expires: 01/07/2020                               Expires: 01/07/2020                 

    Susan Wolbrueck                         Nancy Fortuin                             Robert Todd
           Ward 1                          Mayor Pro Tem, Ward 2                         Ward 3
     Expires: 01/04/2022                               Expires: 01/04/2022                               Expires: 01/04/2022