URA Concept Plan for East end of Manitou AvenueOn November 21, 2006, City Council created the Urban Renewal Authority in order to encourage and promote redevelopment of the east end of Manitou Avenue (pdf). The URA Board was established to carry out the duties as set forth in C.R.S 31-25-101 (pdf) and the Board’s essential responsibilities are to invest tax increment revenues within the corridor and to work with property owners and the development community toward the revitalization of the district. The URA seeks to promote projects which will provide public benefit and demonstrate environmental and cultural sustainability and fiscal prudence. Board members are appointed by City Council and the Board is made up of seven (7) members. Experience in architecture, urban development, planning, real estate, and construction or green development is helpful.


Urban Renewal Land Use Model

We had a great turnout at the Open House February 20 and have provided the graphics presented during the evening on this page so you can reference them as you take the public opinion survey and provide us your comments.

The survey link is also provided below.  We encourage you to also take a look at the full Land Use Study Report pictured on this page. If you have trouble accessing any of the links, or would like to get hard copies of the illustrations or the Land Use Model report, please contact the Manitou Springs Planning Department.

The following is a summary of the development scenarios illustrated by the graphics:

Land Use Plan A

Land Use Plan A maintains existing parcel lines and ownership, and leaves some of the buildings and uses we think are likely to stay in place over the next 25 years – such as the two recently constructed motels, the new Adam’s Mountain Café location, and the historic El Colorado Lodge property. The Plan assumes there will be three primary land uses: lodging; non-residential including retail, office and restaurants; and multi-family housing.

The multi-family housing use typically occurs on upper floors of mixed use buildings. The Plan envisions redevelopment that would provide 175 new motel units, 92,600 square feet of nonresidential uses, and 68 multi-family apartments.  A primary design feature of the plan is a focus of activity and intensity of development at the Beckers Road/Manitou Avenue intersection. Public space in the form of plazas, textured intersection, and enhanced trail connection to the Creek Path are located here.

Land Use Plan B

Land Use Plan B assumes redevelopment will occur by assembling some of the smaller, existing ownerships into larger development areas. It is more visionary and the intent is to provide more indication of development potential in the study area. Density and intensity are concentrated at the Beckers Lane/Manitou Avenue intersection in buildings up to 4 stories. As in Plan A, some existing buildings are assumed to remain, although this Plan shows more properties as redeveloped. Plan B shows more multifamily units, fewer lodging units, and more non-residential space - 128 new motel units, 290 multi-family units, and 109,750 square feet of new non-residential space – than does Plan A. A key feature is inclusion of a parking structure south of the Beckers Lane/Manitou Avenue intersection that could serve the entire area, in addition to the ball fields, park, and trail to the north, particularly during sporting events.

Architectural Design Features of the Plans

The Beckers Road/Manitou Avenue intersection is the center piece of both plans. This area has public urban space, and may also have private outdoor space associated with new uses, such as outdoor dining. The intersection will be highlighted by the architecture and height of the buildings; by textured street crossing identification; and by a proposed tower element helping create a sense of place and identity.

Three trail connections from the Manitou Avenue corridor to the Midland Trail are shown on both plans; providing alternative bike and pedestrian access to and from the study area.

New buildings along the north side of the Avenue will be encouraged to use the creek, The Fields Park and the ball fields as a visual amenity. Buildings should take advantage of slope, and may provide unoccupied spaces such as parking and storage within the floodplain.

Both Plans propose community identification or entry statements at either end of the study area.

On the east end of the Avenue, enhancing the entryway arch area is proposed. Space for parking, signage, information, and perhaps a trailhead could be some of the design elements there.

The following are the links to the graphics that illustrated the existing conditions, Plans A and B, and the Architectural Concepts shown at the Open House:

Existing Conditions:

Plan A:

Plan B:

Architectural Perspectives:

Potential Architectural Styles:

Once you have reviewed the above information, please click on this link to the Land Use Model Public Opinion Survey. We need the communities input in order to move this project forward!

Board Members

Farley McDonough,(Term expires Dec. 31, 2013)
Marcy MorrisonChair (Term expires Dec. 31, 2012)
Ann NicholsVice-Chair (Term expires Dec. 31, 2013)
Ed SauerSecretary (Term expires Dec. 31, 2014)
Marc Snyder, Treasurer (Term expires Dec. 31, 2012)
Dennis Minchow, (Term expires Dec. 31, 2018)

City Council Liaison Mayor Marc Snyder
Staff Liaisons Planning Director, Wade Burkholder
                       City Planner, Michelle Anthony



URA meetings are open to the public. The Board meets the 4th Friday of every other month at 8:30 am in City Council Chambers at 606 Manitou Avenue. Please email the City Clerk if you need special assistance attending a meeting. You can also call 719-685-2554.

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Note: Documents are PDFs unless indicated.