Manitou Springs Manizoo SandboxThe mission of the Park and Recreation AdvisoryBoard (PARAB) is to help build Manitou Springs' future through the promotion of recreational activities and through the enhancement of our parks and trails.

The parks of Manitou Springs provide a link with the town's past, accentuate the beauty of its natural setting and afford a multitude of leisure-time activities for residents and visitors alike.

Manitou Springs serves as the gateway to some of the most scenic trails in the mountain west. From Barr Trail ascending Pikes Peak, to the hike through Waldo Canyon, to hidden passageways through historical railroad tunnels, we have trails to suit the rugged enthusiast as well as the more casual hiker, all with the opportunity to capture nature at its best.


The Parks and Recreations Advisory Board will meet August 20, 2012 at 7:00pm to discuss the Soda Springs Park Design Concept. A presentation of the design cconcept will  be given by CPG Studio. A copy of the concept is available for review by accessing Soda Springs Phase II Design Concept.


PARAB Parks and Trail Map

Manitou Springs has many parks and trails. Check out the PARAB Parks and Trails "slippymap".


PARAB Grant Program

PARAB awards up to $500 to individuals and up to $1,000 to groups for local projects, leisure activities and recreational opportunities. Learn more and apply now

Committee Members
Becky Elder - (Term expires February 28, 2017)  
Danu Fatt -Chair - (Term expires February 28, 2018)
Jan Johnson - (Term expires February 28, 2017)
Michele Gibbs - Vice Chair - (Term expires February 28, 2016) 
Colette Berge - (Term expires February 28, 2016) 
Gail W. Cage - (Term expires February 28, 2017)
Jenna Hubbs - (Term expires February 28, 2018) 

Alternate Members
Roger Armstrong - (Term expires February 28, 2016)
Suzanne Cote - (Term expires February 28, 2017)
Carrie Delius - (Term expires February 28, 2017) 

Vacancy:  1 Regular Member

City Council Liaison  Nicole Nicoletta
Staff Liaisons  Bruno Pothier


PARAB hopes to see you at one of our public meetings. We meet on on the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers in City Hall at 606 Manitou Avenue. Please email the City Clerk if you need special assistance attending a meeting. You can also call 719-685-2554.

Date Agenda (pdf) Minutes (pdf)
12/07/2015 Regular Meeting  
11/02/2015 Regular Meeting  
10/05/2015 Regular Meeting   
09/08/2015 Regular Meeting   
08/03/2015 Regular Meeting  
07/06/2015 Regular Meeting  
06/01/2015 Regular Meeting  
05/04/2015 Regular Meeting  
04/06/2015 Regular Meeting
03/02/2015 Regular Meeting Agenda
02/02/2015 Regular Meeting Agenda
01/05/2015 Regular Meeting Agenda
No December Meeting  
11/03/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
10/06/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
09/08/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
08/04/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
No July Meeting No July Meeting No July Meeting
06/02/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda 
05/05/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda
04/07/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
03/03/2014 Regular Meetng Agenda Minutes
02/03/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/06/2014 Regular Meeting Agenda
11/04/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Mintues
07/01/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
06/03/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
05/06/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
04/04/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
03/04/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
02/04/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/07/2013 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes 
12/03/2012 Regular Meeting No December Meeting   
11/05/2012 Regular Meeting   Minutes 
10/01/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda  
09/10/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda  
08/06/2012 Regular Meeting  Cancelled  
07/23/2012 Regular Meeting    
06/04/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda  
05/07/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
04/02/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes
03/05/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda  Minutes 
02/06/2012 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/09/2012 Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes 
No December Meeting    
11/07/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes 
10/03/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda  
09/12/2011 Regular Meeting* Agenda Minutes
08/01/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
No July Meeting No Meeting  
06/06/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
05/02/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
04/04/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
03/07/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
02/07/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
01/03/2011 Regular Meeting Cancelled  

*The September PARAB meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday due to a conflict with the Labor Day holiday.
Documents are PDFs unless indicated.