ith the passage in 1996 of two initiatives by Manitou Springs' voters authorizing the raising of funds to acquire open space, City Council  subsequently passed a resolution which established the powers and duties of the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC). One of the first duties of the committee was to develop the Manitou Springs Open Space Plan (13Mb pdf). The purpose of the plan was to help initiate the process of implementing an open space program and to:

  • Develop criteria for selecting land in and around the city for designation as open space;
  • Develop priorities for acquiring land that meets the selected criteria; and
  • Develop acquisition strategies for the selected lands.

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2016 Parks, Open Space, and Trails Master Plan



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Rainbow Falls

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Ring the Peak

Black Canyon Open Space and Creek Walk Trail




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Committee Members
Gary Michels (Term expires March 31, 2021)
Marc Straub (Term expires March 31, 2018)
Nancy O. Wilson, Vice Chair (Term expires March 31, 2019)
Michael Maio, Chair (Term expires March 31, 2018)

Sue Graham (Term expires March 31, 2019)

Sheryl Cline, Sectretary (Term expires March 31, 2019)
Shannon Solomon (Term expires March 31, 2021)


Kym Littleton (Term expires March 31, 2020)

Anthony Maltese (Term expires March 31, 2020)

Vacancies - 1 alternate


City Council Liaison - Becky Elder
Staff Liaison -Planning Director Wade Burkholder

Staff Liaison - Dylan Becker, Planner I
PARAB Liaison -Jan Johnson

OSAC hopes to see you at one of our public meetings. We meet on  the 4th Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers in City Hall at 606 Manitou Avenue. Please email the City Clerk if you need special assistance attending a meeting. You can also call 719-685-2554.

  Meeting Agenda Minutes  Packets
 4/23/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 3/26/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 2/26/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 1/22/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   12/25/2017  No Mtg   -  -
   12/14/2017  Agenda  Minutes   Packet
   11/27/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   10/23/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   9/11/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   8/28/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   7/24/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   6/26/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   5/22/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   4/24/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   3/28/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   3/19/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
   2/27/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet

 Draft Black Canyon OS Plan

   01/23/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
  01/09/2017 Special  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
12/26/2016           No Mtg  -  -
11/28/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/24/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/26/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/14/2016 Special Agenda Minutes Packet
08/22/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
08/17/2016 Special Agenda Minutes Packet
07/25/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
06/27/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
05/23/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
04/25/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/28/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
02/22/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/25/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/17/2016 Special Agenda Minutes Packet
01/04/2016 Special Agenda Minutes Packet


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