The purpose of the Manitou Springs Housing Advisory Board (HAB) is to define, research, facilitate, and promote safe, sustainable, resilient, and habitable housing and options for affordable housing for the City of Manitou Springs. To view Ordinance No. 0917, the ordinance establishing the Housing Advisory Board and its operating guidelines, click here.


The Housing Advisory Board consists of seven regular members and up to three alternate members. All members are intended to be representative of the various demographics of the City (i.e., low-income, medium income, artist, architect, elderly, real estate expert, financial expert). City Council appoints members to the Housing Advisory Board. 

To apply for an appointment, send an Application for Board Membership, a letter of interest, and a resume and/or statement of qualifications to the City Clerk at 606 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829 or


Regular Members: Position: Term Expiration:
Whitney Lewis Board Member  06/30/2021
Alison Gerbig Board Member  06/30/2021
Alan Delwiche - Secretary Board Member  06/30/2019
Andy Wells Board Member  06/30/2019
Alea German - Chair Board Member  06/30/2020
Dale Latty - Vice Chair Board Member  06/30/2020
Coreen Toll Board Member  06/30/2021
Alternate Members Position: Term Expiration:
Regina DiPadova Alternate Member 06/30/2021

Board Vacancies: 2 Alternate Members

Board Liaisons:

City Council Liaison: Becky Elder

Staff Liaison: Karen Berchtold


The Housing Advisory Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers (606 Manitou Avenue). HAB meetings are open to the public. Please email the City Clerk or call the City Clerk's Office at 719-685-2580 if you need special assistance attending a meeting.

Meeting Date: Agenda: Packet: Minutes:
10/22/2018 Work Session Agenda --- ---
10/15/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
09/14/2018 Special Agenda --- ---
09/10/2018 Regular Agenda Packet
08/13/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
07/09/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
07/06/2018 Work Session Agenda --- ---
06/25/2018 Special Agenda --- ---
06/11/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
06/05/2018 ADU Sub-Committee Work Session Agenda --- ---
05/14/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
05/02/2018 Special Agenda --- ---
04/26/2018 ADU Sub-Committee Agenda --- ---
04/09/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
03/12/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
02/12/2018 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
01/24/2018 Work Session Agenda --- ---
01/16/2018 Work Session Agenda --- ---
01/08/2018 Regular Meeting Cancelled --- ---
12/11/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
11/15/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
10/02/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
09/11/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
08/14/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes
07/10/2017 Regualr Agenda Packet Minutes
06/19/2017 Regular Agenda Packet Minutes