Restorative Justice Council

​About Manitou Springs Restorative Justice Project:

Mission & Vision Statement
Vision Statement for Restorative Justice in Manitou Springs:
People in the Manitou Springs community will resolve conflicts in a respectful, safe, and restorative manner

Mission Statement for the Manitou Springs Restorative Justice Council:
To promote the use of restorative justice principles in the Manitou Springs community.


1. Restorative justice is a way of thinking and responding to conflicts, disputes, or offenses.  Restorative justice concerns making things as right as possible for all people.
2. Restorative justice recognizes that response to conflicts, disputes or offenses is important. Restorative justice responds in ways that build safe and healthy communities.
3. Restorative justice deals cooperatively and constructively with conflicts, disputes, and offenses preferably at the earliest possible time and before they escalate.
4. Restorative justice recognizes that violations of rules and laws are also transgressions and offenses against persons, relationships, and community. 
5. Restorative justice addresses the harms and needs created by, and related to, conflicts, disputes, and offenses.
6. Restorative justice holds disputants and offenders accountable to recognize and repair the harm as much as possible.
7. Restorative justice empowers victims, disputants, offenders, and their communities to assume central roles in recognizing and repairing the harm and creating a safe community. 
8. Restorative justice seeks to repair the harm and reintegrate the victim, disputant, offender, and their community as much as possible. 
9. Restorative justice prefers maximum use of voluntary and cooperative response options. 
10. Restorative justice may be used in Manitou Springs schools, business community, city government, homes, faith community, neighborhoods, service organizations, and other areas to resolve disputes, conflicts, or offenses. 



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