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Manitou Springs Flood Recovery/Mitigation Information

Click here to learn more about what the City is doing in response to the flooding events experienced in 2013 and 2015. This page provides flood mitigation project updates and resources.


News & Announcements

City Administrator Candidates

In April, the City of Manitou Springs advertised for applications to fill the City Administrator position. The City received a total of 57 applicants from 21 states. From those applications, the City Council has selected five finalists who will be visiting the City for interviews on May 31 and June 1.  The position has been filled by Interim City Administrator, Malcolm Fleming since former City Administrator, Jason Wells, parted with the City in January. 

Community member are invited to meet the candidates on Thursday, May 31st at Memorial Hall from 5:30  -  7:00 p.m., and to hear each candidate make a 10-minute presentation on Friday, June 1st at 8:30 a.m. in Memorial Hall. Comment cards will be available at each event and the City Council encourages attendees to share their perceptions of the candidates on the comment cards.

The candidates’ information is below:

Darrin Tangeman has served as the chief administrative officer for Pueblo West, Colorado, since July 2015.  Before coming to Pueblo West, Tangeman served as a special operations senior executive with the U.S. Army Special Forces for over ten years.  His other experience includes time as a U.S. Army medical service corps officer, a director of information technology and an emergency medical services manager.  He has a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Colorado at Denver, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Kansas, a master of science degree in defense analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kansas.
Click here to view Darrin's resume.

Susan Parker most recently served as town administrator for the Town of Sunset Beach in North Carolina, population 4,900.  Sunset Beach has an estimated 15,000 population seasonally.  Prior to her tenure in North Carolina, Parker was the town manager for Crested Butte Colorado for just under six years.  Her other experiences include city administrator for Elroy, Wisconsin and management level positions for the City of Reno, Nevada.  Parker has a master’s degree in public affairs and public administration from the University of Wisconsin and a bachelor’s degree in government and policy studies from Beloit College.
Click here to view Susan's resume.

Scott Hahn has nearly 25 years of city and county administration experience.  He currently serves as Borough Manager for Skagway, Alaska.   His prior roles include city manager, Petersburg, Alaska; city manager, Cordova, Alaska; city administrator, Salida, Colorado; town manager, Hayden, Colorado; town administrator, Erie, Colorado; and Colorado state auditor and treasury assistant.   Hahn has a master’s in public administration from the University of Colorado, Denver and a bachelor of arts degree from University of Northern Colorado.
Click here to view Scott's resume.

Joseph Kerby has 15 years of city and county management experience and 20+ years with Colorado Springs Utilities.  He is currently serving as the County Administrator for Benton County, Oregon.  Kerby has also served as county manager for La Plata, Colorado; deputy county manager for Douglas County, Colorado; county manager for Montrose County, Colorado; city manager for Iola, Kansas; and city manager for Neodesha, Kansas.  He has a master’s degree in business from Webster University and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Colorado.  Kerby is scheduled in July to complete his Certified Public Management certification from the University of Colorado.
Click here to view Joseph's resume.

Bryan Long served as city manager for the City of Lawton, Oklahoma from 2012 until 2016 and as assistant city manager from 2008 to 2012.  He has also served as the city administrator for Oak Grove, Missouri and as city manager for Spencer, Oklahoma.  Long’s other experience includes time as a website developer and a commissioned officer for the U.S. Marine Corps.  Long has a master’s degree in public affairs from Park University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Central Oklahoma.
Click here to view Bryan's resume.

Stage One Water Restrictions

On April 17, 2018, City Council passed Resolution 1518 imposing stage one water restrictions to take effect starting on May 1, 2018. Click here to review Resolution 1518 and see what stage I water restrictions allow and prohibit.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Manitou Springs Metropolitan District, El Paso County, Colorado, that at the close of business on the sixty-third day before the election, no candidates filed for the open director seats, including no candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates.  Therefore, the election to be held on May 8, 2018 is hereby cancelled pursuant to C.R.S. § 1-5-208(1.5). 

The following seats are hereby declared to be vacant effective May 8, 2018:

Two 2-year term Director seats.

/s/ Donna Kast
Designated Election Official
Manitou Springs Metropolitan District 

Posted:  April 6, 2018

Contact Person for the District:  Randy R. Hodges
Telephone Number of the District:  (719) 685-5481
Address of the District:  606 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO  80829     
District Facsimile Number:  (719) 685-5233
District Email:  rrhodges@hotmail.com

Fire restrictions
Please click here to view current fire restrictions, effective immediately. 

City of Manitou Springs Programs, Policies and Participants

The City of Manitou Springs is a home-rule municipal government in the State of Colorado that provides a range of services, with the overall purpose of ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the community in accordance with the City's Municipal Code, State Statutes and Federal Law. 

Services include: overall city governance by a city council and admistration; provision of public safety and emergency services; municipal court; human resources; liquor license administration; financial management; provision and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, water, waste water and storm water; flood recovery projects; parks, recreation & fitness center; a cemetery; open space and trails; parking; funding to support library services; and planning services to implement the zoning code, historic district/subdivision regulations, long-range planning, procurement of grant funding, transportation planning/projects and economic development.

Programs include: recreation and exercise programming to promote a healthy life style and water safety; on-going staff training and education; community outreach; and collaboration with regional agencies to address housing, social services, transportation and other needs.

Participants of city services and programs include citizens, business owners, numerous visitors and city staff.

The City of Manitou Springs does not discriminate on the basis of disability.  Reasonable accommodation will be provided to ensure equal access to all people.  Individuals who would like to request auxiliary aids or services should contact ADA Coordinator Donna Kast at (719) 685-2554 or dkast@comsgov.com to discuss specific needs (e.g., interpreters, sign language, or readers for the sight impaired). 

Employee of the Month Program

The Manitou Springs City Council is proud to announce the Employee of the Month initiative. Beginning March 2016, community members and City staff will have the opportunity to nominate a City employee as Employee of the Month.

Nomination forms can be picked up in the City Clerk’s office and submitted via email to Human Resources Director Donna Kast at dkast@comsgov.com. The Employee of the Month will receive $50.00 of Manitou Money and a month of free parking in any paid parking spot in Manitou Springs!

We hope this initiative helps us all get to know our City Employees better and ignites pride and excitement throughout the City.   

Manitou Springs Welcomes Visitors

Best known for its scenic landscapes, cool mountain air, healing mineral springs, hiking trails, popular events and welcoming spirit, Manitou Springs thrives as a popular tourist destination.  Click to learn more about Manitou Springs.