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Manitou Springs is a picturesque mountain community known for its friendly residents and historic charm. More about Manitou Springs... 

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Manitou Springs Flood Recovery/Mitigation Information

Click here to learn more about what the City is doing in response to the flooding events experienced in 2013 and 2015. This page provides flood mitigation project updates and resources.


News & Announcements

2018 Year in Review

2018 was a year of many surprises, challenges and great opportunities.  At the Januaray 8 City Council work session,  City Council will discuss a summary of the major items worked on, or responded to, during the year.  They will consider some of the lessons learned and evaluate opportunities for the coming year.  For a preview of what will be discussed, click to review the 2018 Year in Review report.

New Water/Sewer Rates

Effective January 1, 2019, water and sewer rates have been adjusted.  Click to view the new rates and to see how they compare with 2018

Manitou Love Trees Sculpture

A public sculpture celebrating love and positive communication while paying tribute to the Canon Avenue trees that were cut down will be presented at the January 15 City Council meeting.  The public is invited to attend.  Click to view the sculpture.

2019 Budget Approved

On December 4, 2018 City Council approved the final amended 2018 budget and the 2019 budget.  Click to view the budgets.

Cog Railway Agreement
After many meetings and extensive community engagement, City Council approved a new tax incentive program agremeent with the Cog Railway on November 20.  Click to view the agreement.

For background information regarding the engagement process, please see below:

Cog Railway Timeline
PowerPoint presentation presented at the public hearing on June 26, 2018
Memorandum from Interim City Administrator regarding the Cog Tax Incentive Agreement
Mayor's response to questions raised at the July 18, 2018 community forum
Current (new) Cog Agreement Fact Sheet
Possible Cog options
COG Update (10/23/2018)
- COG Update (10/31/2018)

- Adopted Agreement: Cog Tax Incentive Program Agreement adopted November 20, 2018 (Approved at 11/20/2018 meeting) 
- Adopting Ordinance:
Ordinance 2118 approving a new Tax Incentive Program Agreement (Approved at 11/20/2018 meeting)
- Repealing Ordinance:
Ordinance 2018 repealing Ordinance 1318 and Initial Agreement (Approved at 11/20/2018 meeting)
- Proposed Agreement:
Cog Tax Incentive Program Agreement for consideration by City Council on First Reading November 7, 2018 
- Initial Agreement:
 Ordinance 1318, Exhibit A: Cog Tax Incentive Agreement (Approved at 06/26/2018 Meeting)

Summit Economics Opinion Letter re: Manitou Cog Incentives
- Addendum to Summit Economics Opinion Letter
- Graphical Illustration of Annual Net City Revenue and Cog Rebate Under 3 Scenarios
- Current Agreement vs November 7 Proposal Under HIGH Scenario
- Current Agreement vs November 7 Proposal Under MEDIUM Scenario
- Current Agreement vs November 7 Proposal Under LOW Scenario
Summary of financial impact of Cog options under consideration as of October 2, 2018 
     (1) Current Agreement vs October 2 Proposal Under HIGH Scenario
     (2) Current Agreement vs October 2 Proposal Under MEDIUM Scenario
     (3) Current Agreement vs October 2 Proposal Under LOW Scenario
Tax Revenues Vs. Rebates
Letter from Cog representative explaining the purpose and need for tax incentives
- Summary from Cog representative listing project costs for Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway reconstruction

Community Process:
- Cog Agreement community conversation process steps (flow chart)
Individual Response Form Answers from Oct. 2, 2018 community meeting
Cog Flipchart Questions from Oct. 2, 2018 community meeting 

Mobility Plan Preliminary Scope
Ruxton Ave. Functionality Study Scope of Work

City of Manitou Springs Programs, Policies and Participants

The City of Manitou Springs is a home-rule municipal government in the State of Colorado that provides a range of services, with the overall purpose of ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the community in accordance with the City's Municipal Code, State Statutes and Federal Law. 

Services include: overall city governance by a city council and admistration; provision of public safety and emergency services; municipal court; human resources; liquor license administration; financial management; provision and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, water, waste water and storm water; flood recovery projects; parks, recreation & fitness center; a cemetery; open space and trails; parking; funding to support library services; and planning services to implement the zoning code, historic district/subdivision regulations, long-range planning, procurement of grant funding, transportation planning/projects and economic development.

Programs include: recreation and exercise programming to promote a healthy life style and water safety; on-going staff training and education; community outreach; and collaboration with regional agencies to address housing, social services, transportation and other needs.

Participants of city services and programs include citizens, business owners, numerous visitors and city staff.

The City of Manitou Springs does not discriminate on the basis of disability.  Reasonable accommodation will be provided to ensure equal access to all people.  Individuals who would like to request auxiliary aids or services should contact ADA Coordinator Donna Kast at (719) 685-2554 or dkast@comsgov.com to discuss specific needs (e.g., interpreters, sign language, or readers for the sight impaired). 

Manitou Springs Welcomes Visitors

Best known for its scenic landscapes, cool mountain air, healing mineral springs, hiking trails, popular events and welcoming spirit, Manitou Springs thrives as a popular tourist destination.  Click to learn more about Manitou Springs.